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Why Rumors of Pending Whites’ Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

In 1980, nearly half of U.S. counties — 1,412 of them — had populations that were almost exclusively (98 percent or more) white. Thirty years later, only 149 counties — fewer than five percent — fit that same description. The maps below chart this transformation, decade by decade.

Oh no!  The sky is falling!  We are doomed!

LMAO.  The hell we are!

That “rapidly declining map of White America” has a very arbitrary cut-off of 98% White.  Have the number of 98% White counties drastically declined?  Well, yes.

Now, after the reactionaries quit untwisting their collective underwear, you should all take your mouse and roll it over the areas that are no longer 98% White and you will find that many of them are in still in the 95% or greater range.

You see?  It’s not as bad as all that.  Where the decline of White America is worst is in the big cities where all the welfare benefits are.  And that’s where people of color cluster.

Now that’s it for the bad news.

So what is the good news?  It’s great news, actually.

Despite better than fifty years of enduring endless, unremitting race-mixing propaganda from media’s miscegenation maniacs, the White people in America remain shockingly White.  Stubbornly White, no matter how much of their so-called “White Privilege” has been stripped from them by our Cultural Marxists.

Despite better than fifty years of miscegenation maniacs pushing unrelenting “matchmaking” between Whites and people of color, the 2009 data from OKCupid where the Whites are well-educated, liberal, and oh-so-progressive indicates that of all groups Whites are the least likely to be interested in a match with a person of color; White women even less so than White men.

After clutching the pearls and launching several articles basically attempting to shame Whites into seeking out vibrant diversity for spouses, the 2014 data reported by OKCupid not only indicated that nothing had changed; ” OkCupid users are certainly no more open-minded than they used to be. If anything, racial bias has intensified a bit.”

Nothing else had changed except “what those same users have told us about their racial attitudes. Answers to match questions have been getting significantly less biased over time.”

IOW, White users are “talking the talk,” but not “walking the walk.”  IOW, they have learned to LIE under interrogation.  They tell the miscegenation maniacs what they think they want to hear.  Either that or it seems that they may not be.  They may be perfectly fine with the idea of race-mixing as long as someone else does it.  Either way, it seems like those sneaky little White lab rats are not responding the way our “social scientists” had planned.

Leftists, reading the data (believing their own bullshit) that Texas is majority non-White, eagerly anticipate the day that Texas turns “blue,” delivering a shitload of electoral votes into their eager hands.  In fact, 2014 was going to be their year.  Our new governor is a pro-abortion female Democrat … oh, but wait, he isn’t.

Yes, there is a lot of Hispanic immigration into Texas, but the leftards, who can’t be bothered to visit Texas, weren’t around to observe the traffic in Texas.  It seems that Texas, which was one of the few states in the Obamanation to have a working economy, was drawing other migrants … from out of state.  White migrants from majority White states, making the brownest counties in Texas reporting as >69 percent White.

Oh, but wait, you might say.  How do you know whether or not the people reporting as White are not actually White?  Exactamento!  A lot of them probably are Mestizos (folks with varying degrees of Meso-Amerind blood) who self-identify as White.  But what makes you think that Whites suffering from Fauxcahontas Syndrome will fight any harder than “White Hispanics” for White Interests?

Even the brownest of Mestizos are White Supremacists at heart, so one major consequence of unfettered Latin American immigration into the United States is that we are inevitably going to end up with a culture that value Whiteness more than anything else.  The “White Hispanic” phenomenon being imported into this country means that Heritage Whites are going to pick up on their own racial value, rediscover their racial confidence, and guard their bloodlines that much more jealously.

The party line in those countries may be “we are all Mestizos,” but they engage in “blanqueamiento” (bleaching) by actively pursuing White spouses in order to “mejorando mi familia” (improve my family).  The admitted goal of many a Mestizo is offspring with “colored eyes.”

Science is stepping up to help them achieve that goal with “designer babies.”  Right now they have processes which help couples screen out all kinds of diseases and even sex-select.  They probably are already able to select for IQ.

The technology’s patent includes a list of traits that aren’t necessarily related to health – such as eye and skin pigmentation, according to a report by Catherine de Lange in New Scientist.

Such technology will first become available to the wealthy (who already comprise the Whitest people in Latin America) and will eventually become available to the middle class, etc.

The most profitable companies in Latin America (and India, for that matter) are those that peddle skin bleach.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if Mestizos have access to this technology, they will have these companies screen their embryos for the best White genes they have.

Is there a chance that your grandchild may marry someone named Ghandi Patel or Pilar Rodriguez?  Probably, but Mr. Patel or Ms. Rodriguez will probably be Whiter than your grandchild is, as certified by the Designer Baby Genetics Lab.

One definition of “Ha-Shem” is “the name.”  But I like the other definition, because it rings more true.  “Ha-Shem” also means “the source.”  There used to be an old saying that one should always, always “consider the source.”

So, if you stumble across anymore articles chortling over the decline of Whites all over the world, look at the news banner, i.e. New York Times.  Google the writer to determine his background, because it may be informing his own agenda.  You will find what agenda is afoot to lead you to his conclusions rather than your own.  There is an agenda involved into demoralizing you into throwing up your hands in resignation and giving up by doing nothing.

Do your own on-line research.  Better yet, go out into the field and observe for yourself.  The Whites who are having fewer children are rootless cosmopolitan SWPLibtards sipping their lattes over brunch in Harlem.  Do we really need more of them?

However, there are Whites – conservative Whites – living in small town, USA all over flyover country – who are having children and lots of them.  I started noticing young White couples with a median of three children five to ten years ago.  Recently, I met a White couple with four boys all under the age of ten.  I have seen Whites with five or six children in tow.

Best yet, prove the doomsday prognosticators wrong, by hooking up with the best White spouse you can and having as many White children as possible.


24 comments on “Why Rumors of Pending Whites’ Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

  1. icareviews
    January 26, 2015

    You’re right that this is no time for whites to surrender and that demographic defeatism is a constant temptation and danger among race realists, but I don’t get the pro-white vibe from Mestizos that you describe here. Of course all mongrels, whether Mestizo, Indian, or mulatto, would secretly prefer to have more white than black or brown and consider white physical characteristics as positive attributes and sources of social status within their broad racial classification – just pass by any black beauty shop and glance at the posters in the windows – but that doesn’t stop Mestizos, for instance, from maintaining a strong and expansive group identity, holding hostile attitudes toward white America, and plastering the neighborhoods they invade with Mexican flags and Spanish signage. Most would simply prefer to be lighter-skinned mestizos. Furthermore, I don’t consider the prospect of a futuristic America crammed full of artificially whitened Third Worlders, even artificially IQ-enhanced and aesthetically engineered ones, to be a likely or even desirable outcome. The fact remains that, even if stupid wigger/liberal babies aren’t particularly promising, their loss through birth control and abortion still represents cataclysmic damage to the nation’s demographic palette, particularly if they’re only being replaced by brown babies. White birthrates are still scarily low. The trick for us is to get across the seriousness of the problem without plunging the public into defeatist panic.

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    • clytemnestra57
      January 26, 2015

      There is no strong pro-White vibe toward Anglo-Protestant White Americans by brown Catholic Latinos, for historical reasons going back to the sinking of the Spanish Armada by England. But White Supremacy remains strong within their ranks.

      Because the majority of the popularity is largely mixed, they discriminate in favor and against people depending on which hue of the color spectrum they are part of. IOW, they practice not only a form of “colorism,” but also ethno-racialism. The lighter and more European they look, the better they are treated in Latin America.

      A lot of the Mestizos holding “hostile attitudes” towards White Americans are taking their cues from the Anti-White elites controlling our government. Moreover, many have jumped on the “people of color” bandwagon for the benefits provided by the Anti-White elites controlling our government.

      However, if you make the mistake of referring to Hispanics as a race, you will be surprised how quickly they correct you: they’re not a race, they’re an ethnicity – a White ethnicity!

      They want to have their cake and eat it, too. Better still, if they can be blue eyed blondes who can be coddled as a protected minority. Sound familiar? It should. If you lurk at the Aztlan Website, they are pretty direct about taking a page from the Jewish Playbook of Having White Privilege AND Protected Minority Status, too.

      The prospect of “artificially Whitened” Third Worlders doesn’t bother me as much as you, my friend. Somehow the idea of a breed of White people suffering NO guilt whatsoever over slavery or the Holocaust makes me giggle.

      First and foremost, it’s going to take some time before Designer Baby Technology becomes affordable to the masses of average Mestizos.

      Second, the reason why all these Third Worlders are here is because White Americans have been too cavalier about their genetic line and too dismissive of their own racial heritage. There is nothing like being exposed to people who want it so badly they can taste it to make one more appreciative of what they have.

      Last, I don’t see the lack of stupid liberal/wigger babies from rootless cosmopolitan families in large, welfare cities as being a cataclysmic loss to the race. Especially since, in flyover country, I am seeing more young White couples with four and even five White children.

      Like many prognosticators, you are taking your data from Census figures. Please keep in mind that “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” I took a temp job as a census taker back in 2010 to make some extra money. The worst people when it came to dodging census takers were Whites. They’d ignore the forms they got in the mail and refuse to come to the door. If they filled out those forms, they filled them out with such absurd lies it was ridiculous. The antics of Whites with the census takers makes me inclined to believe that they were undercounted.

      In the meantime, there is a lot we can do to encourage more White births without resorting to scare tactics over a wildly exaggerated shortage of White people.

      When I see a White with one or more White children, I go out of my way to fuss over their offspring. I gush over them. I tell them how beautiful and intelligent looking their children are. At first, they don’t know how to react, but then they are just basking in my admiration.

      When I hear a White talking about limiting his or her family, I tell them that the tax system is designed for them to pay for someone’s children and doesn’t it make sense to have more of their own children than limiting their families to pay for the children of someone else?

      I strongly urge any racially conscious White parent to take their children on field trips to sites that celebrate the accomplishments of White people; art museums, etc.

      Half of the battle of growing our numbers revolves around convincing Whites who may have been brainwashed by Cultural Marxists to believe otherwise that the White race is of value and is worth preserving. If you can’t do that, no amount of scare tactics will work.

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      • icareviews
        January 27, 2015

        “Somehow the idea of a breed of White people suffering NO guilt whatsoever over slavery or the Holocaust makes me giggle.”

        Well, I guess I feel a little guilty sometimes when I’m washing my armpits with Fran Drescher’s grandma.

        “the Holocaust”

        Which holocaust was that again? I get them confused.


  2. icareviews
    January 26, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Clytemnestra57, drawing on studies of online dating behavior and racial aesthetics among mestizos, comes to the conclusion that things aren’t as gloomy as race doom prognosticators allege.


  3. Hipster Racist
    January 26, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    OK, I admit it, I once had an OKCupid account, when I was living in a southern town and knew next to no one. I went out on a few dates. By the profiles of these women, they were all “liberal” to one degree or another (Southern liberals are far more vocal about it than northerners.) As it was a Southern town, there was plenty of diversity, and lots of black people.

    So I go out on a date with this young woman, about 25. She had a nose ring and everything. Apparently, this black woman was a friend of a friend and as we were hanging out at playing pool after drinks, the black woman is there so she hangs out with us for a while.

    The uninterrupted stream of “hipster racist” jokes that came out of this girl’s mouth – spoken directly at this black girl while looking in her eyes – made even yours truly a bit uncomfortable.

    The idea that this Republican-hating, Occupy Wall Street-going, ultra-liberal, probably gay bestie having, white woman would ever date a non-white man is laughable. Oh sure, if you asked her, she may say she “doesn’t see race” but actions speak louder than words.

    I’m fairly convinced that most of the hysteria over “mudsharking” is some sort of cuckold fantasy coming from certain white men.


    • icareviews
      January 27, 2015

      “Mudsharks” are really just fat, ugly women who settle for what they can get because no decent white man wants them. I live in a downtown area and see these contemptible specimens all the time. Most of them look like prostitutes or other varieties of down-and-outers. I do see the occasional exception of a physically attractive white woman with a black man, but I assume they’re mentally slow or something or that the black guy must hold some public sector sinecure and a thick bankroll. What really saddens me, though, is when I see a black man with little white children. A while back I was in a McDonald’s and saw this nerdy-looking little white kid in glasses turn around to a coal-colored figure behind him and call him “daddy”. These are people whose lives have been permanently scarred and whose prospects for productivity and fulfillment are already cruelly stunted.


    • clytemnestra57
      February 17, 2015


      Here is an article that only confirms what you have been saying all along, but hints at MY theory that any REAL White Resistance Movement will NOT come from the Conservatard Republiscum, but young White Leftists thoroughly indoctrinated in Cultural Marxism and, hopefully Saul Alinsky tactics:


  4. Hipster Racist
    January 26, 2015


  5. Hipster Racist
    January 27, 2015

    Check it out, AryanSkynet has been picked up by some sort of aggregator:

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  6. Meredith
    January 27, 2015

    I would love for this to be true. I’m probably slightly skewed on the miscegenation view, because I live in the S.F. Bay Area, where White men largely have chosen to take mongoloid brides and have those awesome down-syndrome looking children (think Kate Plus-Eight). I rarely ever see White women with black men, which is great.

    I know that the issue that lit a fire under my ass was learning about White genocide and the potential for a very near future devoid of Whites, but I have to say that it is really nice to read about some positive news regarding White populations.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 31, 2015


      As I was reading your comment, I just saw a relatively attractive white man, probably 25, walking hand in hand with his Asian girlfriend …

      I think it’s obvious, or should be obvious, that white men cross the color line more often than white women, although it is more damaging when white women do it.

      But it is still rare enough I don’t think it’s going to cause too many problems. Considering how race-mixing is constantly endorsed in the media, it’s a pleasant surprise it is still rather rare.


  7. Craig
    January 27, 2015

    I had a similar mini meme on topix about 7 – 8 years ago. Reference to how long it took to remove the white Australia policy, then the 40 odd years of miscegenation propaganda, had only convinced 3 to 5% of White Australians to mix race out. Who aren’t counted as white due to the one drop rule.

    The Indian moderator wasn’t happy with me when I blew his White Australia will be no more by mixing out crap. Such a horrible internet forum that was, though I admit it was where I learned to mind hack all races and religions, particularly the Liberals and neocons, they were my favourite to pick on. Plus I went from apolitical to political and was no longer feeling polite, which means to hide my race awareness.

    Then when I realised journalists in some of Australia’s main stream neocon news papers were using my mini and mega memes within 24 to 48 hours of me writing such ideas, obviously my memes magically appearing in the news papers… I learned how to make some people very subtly write what I wanted for me. 🙂 For propaganda purposes of course. So Mind Weapon Mind Hacker… I don’t hack computers.

    Look at the border protection policies we have today. Hey, I was talking to them form experience, being I helped send them back in the Howard years. My claim to fame.

    I also predicted the hung parliament 2 years out from the 2010 election the first in 50 something years.

    Though I did pretty much put out the mega meme on how to self destruct the Labor party from the inside out… You could probably do the same Cly, to the democrats if you wanted or the republicans. It’s just a matter of patience and finding the medium the journalists hang out in…I got lucky, like usual, and learned from my experience. Then mini meme and mega meme them away.

    The Progs here thought it was going to be 20 years of Labor rule, till they spent all the money and caused mini race riots… SWPLibtards are so stupid when it comes to there propaganda, they jump over that red line in the sand every time, and look like utter fools doing so. Huh huh Push and pull game tactics for politics, you gotta like that Hipster.

    Can you forgive me Cly? I always enjoy reading you. Though I must say even though the brown Mexicans are closet white supremacists, it seems more like a very hopeful peaceful compromise, rather then victory to me. It really reminds me of the Hajnal line of Southern and Northern Europe(thanks HBC). In the end, the two don’t mix willingly. It took WW2 to disband the peasant serfs of Italy, Greece and Spain, they also had a coloured hierarchy back in those days, the Roman’s had it before and after their fall and the taking back of Spain from the Moors, was a brown cleansing by Aryan Christians. Another Aryan explosion is highly possible in the future IMHO, we’ll need to take advantage of that naturally.

    So war will probably brew eventually as more people will scream for pie, white privileged pie of course. That scenario would be far off into the future when we are all dust and ash, and our descendants are dealing with their ancestors mess.


    • clytemnestra57
      January 27, 2015

      What various historically “oppressed” people want to do is establish a system similar to that which the Jews have established for themselves. Except on a much tighter budget. Let’s call the spade a spade and refer to it as “Dual Privilege.”

      I lurked once at the Aztlan Website when they were celebrating a Mexican’s victory over a Jewish candidate for mayor of Los Angeles and they baldly lay it out there for everyone to see, citing the Jews own playbook as their inspiration. “Reconquista” via dual citizen BTW is a precedent which was established by an American Jew who made Aliyah and successfully got to have his cake and eat it too, courtesy of the American courts.

      Think of it as low-budget Dual Privilege. I sort of feel sorry for the Jews. They busted their behinds for centuries to BUY the Dual Privilege of getting into White country clubs AND keep their Protected Historical Victims Status, too. Now they have all these Juan-Come-Latelys trying to horn in on the act.

      There is a reason why, at Mindweapons in Ragnorak, I have urged posters with young families to change their surnames to something Spanish and even to learn Spanish. If you think about it, if you are living in North America, particularly the United States, Dual Privilege can be yours if you are a White Hispanic. Especially an Hispanic who is as White Bread as John Smith. Look at the Cubans.

      Your children get immediate access to all these affirmative action programs and scholarships to get them into top universities. If they fall on hard times, their surnames get them welfare benefits, no questions asked. Dual Privilege.

      Dual privilege means you get special protection and extra rights as an historically “oppressed” minority. For example, assaulting a Jew carries more jail time than assaulting a White because it is a “hate” crime due to “Anti-Semitism” and the burden of proving that the victim’s religious status was unknown is left to the defendant, LOL. Yet, you can move into all the right neighborhoods, attend the right schools, etc., without all the neighbors getting the hell out of there.

      Dual privilege means you have access to anything and everything without question. You don’t get followed around by store security and aren’t busted for “driving while Black,” because you have White skin. On the other hand, you aren’t denied benefits, because hyper-vigilant bureaucrats have discovered that you make a dollar a month too much, thanks to the “fact” you are a minority. Dual Privilege.

      A lot of people poked fun at Elizabeth Warren and called her “Fauxcahontas,” because her claims to Cherokee heritage were later disproven. But what has gotten lost in all the brouhaha was that she felt she had to do this to get break through the glass ceiling of Affirmative Action set asides and get into more prestigious Ivy colleges. And she was right.

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      • Craig
        January 31, 2015

        I still have access to a Scots dual citizenship, It’s how the bastards divide us in the UK. I feel sorry for our ol enemy de English. See there are many sides to this coin.

        The dual citizenship will work well for awhile, even if they start DNA testing like the Aboriginals here who can’t prove family lines… Having to under go even that test puts more financial burden on the system.

        Ummm funny story, another one of my memes…

        I’ve a cousin in Aus who claimed Aboriginal ancestry, his mother is a full blood Scots, and his Dad bloody immigrated from Germany LOL. Anyway an Aboriginal elder friend of mine a white Aboriginal who was denied ancestry for a long time till she was able to confirm her Negrito Tasmanian heritage with DNA testing. She kinda made sure the Aboriginals now get tested for that one drop rule, for benefits and titles ect…

        Me cousin use to go fishing in all the restricted places and the Aboriginals would supply all the grog, fishing gear and boat. See they may have accepted him even with out blood. My Dad has been accepted by 3 mobs, cause of the good he did for them. Not only that Granddad was an Aboriginal Protector when he first moved to Western Australia.

        In Broome, North Western Australia, I had a full blood welcome me to country, he mentioned Dad, then told me his name, which was “Killer” he bought me a beer and we played pool and then he gave me mob protection so if any mob gives me trouble, just mention his name… I burned the candle at both ends when young up there.


    • clytemnestra57
      January 28, 2015


      I did pretty much put out the mega meme on how to self destruct the Labor party from the inside out… You could probably do the same Cly, to the democrats if you wanted or the republicans. It’s just a matter of patience and finding the medium the journalists hang out in…I got lucky, like usual, and learned from my experience. Then mini meme and mega meme them away.

      The Republiscums are the folks I want to destroy, Craig, because they are so obviously the controlled opposition that they can’t even hide it anymore. To me, the real Great White Hope is going to come from Democrat ranks, not the Republiscam.

      It’s simply a matter of waiting for White Democrat operatives to get sick and tired of being the flak-catchers for the screw ups of incompetent minority Democrat politicians. I have had a hoot watching all these White liberal fall guys in the Obama administration. They were going to ride his coattails, right? Not bloody likely.

      Let’s look at the body count of all the Democrats who have been pushed out while looking stupid and ridiculous due to the Obama administration’s incompetence and corruption: David Petraeus, Kathleen Sebelius, Lois Lerner, Chuck Hagel, Jay Carney (loved how miserable he looked at every press conference). White, White, White, White, and oh yes, White. Look at John Kerry having James Taylor serenade the French with “You’ve Got A Friend.” He’s dying as we speak. I’d count Hillary Rodham Clinton as another casualty, but she’s a tenacious old biddy who is going to go down fighting, LOL.

      Now look at the Democrats left standing despite some outrageous antics, like Eric “My People” Holder and God only knows how many others.

      The strange case of Hannah Graham in the tightly contested purple state of Virginia is an example of what Democrats can and will do to woo and win the White vote rather than timidly dog-whistling to them like the Republiscum do and then breaking any promises the moment the primaries are over.


      • Craig
        January 31, 2015

        LOL Hillary Rodham Clinton certainly has that tough old bitch vibe going on. Hopefully it doesn’t weigh too much on her, you see that toll on these figures as they age faster, in the lime light.

        Both sides are controlled to different degrees, they just have different houses/lodges/Political groups that sit at the top pulling the strings. Finding who’s connected to those strings, and getting them to pull them when we want them to, is key. Analogy would be like a piano being played, we force some off keys to be thrown in the way to change the overall tune. Inserting a mind worm into the flow, at every opportunity within the 24 hour news cycle. The more people that see it, the more it grows within our collective Aryan Skynet subconsciousness. You can even feel it build as the news cycles continue to flow, and every one starts to bounce off one another. This paragraph alone can be fleshed out many fold, actually I could write pages and pages on it, from politics to corruption.

        I do have some thoughts on this.

        Push the Republicans, and pull the Democrats. Push the Republicans off the edge enraging their own fury of expansionist imperialism. Pull the Democrats to conservative isolationism form all the hurting minorities at home, including the largest minority, lower class whites. They are two extremes, we should be able to drag the Democrats back to the middle of reasonable, away from the extreme anti white left.

        In fact, if I become active here in Aus, there are some more mega memes that I could inject, I’ll have to get in touch with old friends and remember some passwords. The Aboriginal re write of the Aus constitution going to a referendum, would be a good one to hijack, in order to ask for our rights as well. Kind of like a Political heart string gun to the conservative Liberals(our equivalent of republicans) heads. Both sides of the houses want this, so I meme an ultimatum that our White Aus subconsciousness will bind too. A ‘No’ vote would devastate them into perhaps reconsideration, and a Yes, vote will be peak anti white.

        Fun times ahead.


      • Hipster Racist
        February 1, 2015


        I’ve been in the same room as Hillary Clinton and I’ve met her presumptive VP, General Wes Clark, several times. My ex was a hardcore Hillary fan – she even refused to vote for Obama, opting to vote Green or something.

        Hillary’s not going to run, though. She’s too old – she would be the oldest President since Reagan. The WSJ just did an article about how all her friends are against it.

        It’s going to be Jeb Bush – and that is when things are going to get very, very interesting. I have no doubt that the Bush clan is going to want to take revenge on the neo-con dual-citizens who co-opted Dubya and hijacked their terrorist attack. The Bush clan is Arabist, best friends with the Saudi Royals. 9/11 was meant to destroy that alliance, and Dubya was too idiotic to know what was happening. He threw his own father under the bus due to his life-long inferiority complex.

        But Jeb is as smart as Poppy.

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      • Craig
        February 1, 2015

        I can come across blunt sometimes, and on reflection text doesn’t do my humour credit really. I write, like I would talk, if you could see my face, tone of voice, cheeky grin, you would know I was trying to make you laugh… Not being a misogynistic ass… So this is a personal fault of mine, yes, inherited and partially learned from my father…

        The reason from memory that family and friends would really worry about Hillary running, is she has a medical condition, that is manageable, though if it degenerates, may affect her decision making skills. Imagine what 8 years of attempting to clean up after Obama would do to your mental health and sleep patterns… ergo health and ageing tends to go down hill in that stressful environment.

        So another thought if Hillary doesn’t run, then who will? Can we change that opinion to have who we think suits our purposes, and has a fighting chance against Jeb…

        I really do hope Hillary runs though.


  8. Craig
    January 27, 2015

    Oh yeah to show off, I stopped pumping out the memes in 2011, when I realised the mini and mega memes were in multi blogging tsunami proportions, and I knew a more conservative right wing government was going to win in 2013. Plus something from the internet killed my computer, damn thing slowed me down from pumping out memes, some of my Aussie friends who were also pumping out memes, lost their computers too. Those of us with lesser computing skills, crappy computers and software went through the same process.

    A couple of news clips related to my memes have disappeared off the news channels and youtube, wish I down loaded the two best ones. One was a smash, I rekon that pulled the hung parliament. 🙂 Good ol Granddad 🙂 pulled strings. I can’t even find a trace of that event in the digital print media, and I’m good at finding stuff.

    A redhead called out the racist bigots in rural Australia too, in parliament no less. 🙂 So that’s still in the parliamentary ledger somewhere…

    YKW from there home land also hijacked my computer and showed me IDF propaganda. That set me off on the JQ, long and hard, from all sorts of positions. Yes, they attempted to gain sympathies from me for the anti Jihad, which ultimately leads to a YKW awakening. LOL Yeah the largest thread on the Aussie forum use to be “Why should Australian’s fear Muslims.” like over 15000 comments last time I checked. God, Mel Gibson, a monkier on topix was good at making threads.

    Then I joined Apricity, and found other more enjoyable stuff to read, and hid away from ugly Aussie politics and butt ugly anti racists…

    Scariest moment on topix, well not really it’s only text but probably when some Indonesian Muslim said he wanted to skin me alive…

    So yeah I can push the limit pretty far if I want too.


  9. Craig
    January 27, 2015

    Actually I do have some sort of proof, of the smash propaganda. The Chief retired 3 or so months after the smash propaganda event, of cancer troubles… Look who Mr Abbott is giving a knighthood too now 🙂 . Plus the red head smashed our institution with feminism, so did the monkey king in the US as pay back to us 😦 . That was because of our little stunt, even in lil ol Aus.

    Basically Chief and RSL top brass stood up and called an emergency media conference. The Cheif basically said after getting to the point, “The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister do not care about our borders nor our defence capabilities.”, Reporter approximately asked, “Why in your opinion do our leader’s not care about our defence?” Chief replies, “They have only ever been to one meeting on the border issue, and only underlings have been sent since.” Anyway it went on and the chief won the arguments of questions and replies hands down. Then the RSL top brass gave them a rubbing down as well. No shit, it was on the news for a whole week right in the middle of and election race cycle, the ruling party leadership copped the largest grilling, I’d ever seen.

    I can’t find anything on the internet about it…

    Funny story if you believe me or not though hey.


  10. vikingbitch
    January 31, 2015

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I do not share the optimism expressed in this piece. First and foremost, what is ‘White’ anyway, except some manufactured construct dreamed up by ZOG. Many Mexicans used to be classified as White back in the day. New Mexico is supposedly mostly White when one reads the Wikipedia demographics, but sorry, I am not buying that shyte sandwich as although Spanish people see themselves as White, along with Italians, they still define themselves as ‘Latino’ or ‘Italian’ and express hostility towards ‘Whiter’ people with more fair features. There are certain segments of the Ethiopian cohort that see themselves as ‘White’.

    I don’t know here. Personally, I hate the term ‘White’. I cannot relate to Italians. Look I like Italy. I like the food and the clothes, but I could never marry an Italian and procreate with him. Nope. Sorry.

    America was greater, better when it was comprised of more Northwestern European stock. My mom is a Slav, but really, I cannot meld with her mindset. I like Slavs, but I am most definitely my Dutch Dad’s daughter.

    So when looking at America and demographics, for what exactly is WN searching? Personally, I like Chechar’s stance if you read his post titled Italian Scum. The title is a little rough, but oh well.

    America’s downfall has been going on for over a century. I really don’t care if the whole concept of ‘Whiteness’ is resurrected or reinvented, because really, it was a bogus concept from the get go.

    Stats lie. When looking at these studies, you have to go deeper and microanalyze the items, specifically the item of Whiteness. If being White means I am going to be thrown into the bin of Italians, Albanians, and other Mediterranean Mystery Meats, I don’t know if I want to go there. Really.

    An aside: I dated a Greek guy back in the mid 90s. Yeah we had some commonalities because we were first generation Americans and we had a parent who was from Europe, but the twain was not going to meet . It was like the movie ‘Raging Bull’. Not that he bitch slapped me or anything, but the whole ‘machismo’ thing was not my flavor.

    America’s roots are agrarian. The great agrarians were the Northwestern Europeans. We have ignored our roots and a result, America is not expressing its true identity, which is why it is degenerating.

    I want the United States to no longer be united, such that this bully shyte concept called ‘Whiteness’ can be dismantled and such that everyone can get back to embracing their ethnicity, not some dog and pony show, turd painted gold ideal of being ‘White’.

    White = Northwestern European ethnocide

    I find not much positive in these slap dash studies.


  11. disenchantedscholar
    April 10, 2015

    Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    Politics may be inherited. What a shame for the anti-natals.


  12. WhiteGuilt
    February 10, 2016

    Wow I wish I was shocked by the amount of racism I’m seeing. This is the problem. None of you have any idea the stuff blacks have endured and still are enduring because of your racism. All you see is hate and skin color. I think every one of you should have your wealth, and lands stripped from you, and it be given to the blacks, and then you should be put in slavery to them, and then maybe you’ll understand. Nothing was ever fixed, we abolished slavery, and even have all these programs that are supposed to help give them a hand in catching up to white privilege, but still they are impoverished, imprisoned, and treated as less than. There are good white people out there that actually do have guilt. I’m one of them. Sure I wasn’t around during slavery, or even during the civil rights movement, but I see it everywhere. The system is designed to keep them down, and without proper support, their only chance is becoming an athlete, or rapper or something of the sort, which by the way a very small percentage actually make it. See the good news is each generation is more tolerant, so even though you are all racist scum, maybe your kids will avoid it. Maybe they’ll get lucky, and fall in love with members of the opposite sex outside of their race, and give you mixed grandbabies that you can hate for no reason other than the tint of their skin. This is the reason for white guilt. Because it’s so obviously true that whites are racist, and those of us who wish to love, and be at peace, still have that stigma because of the rest of you. Well I’m going to join as many pro interracial anti white groups as I can, and introduce as many white people to as many people of other races as I can, and I personally will accept my responsibility, and will find as many ways as I can to pay reparations. I will not donate to any charity that isn’t for people of other races, and I will encourage as many as I can to do the same. I’ve already got 2 daughters one of them white, the other a quarter mexican but she looks all white, but the only racism they’ll have to worry about from me is that they will not be allowed to date white guys when they grow up and are allowed to date if that’s ever okay with me. I don’t plan on having any more kids, but if I do it’ll be with someone of another race. If I happen to marry a white woman, instead of getting her pregnant myself we’ll use a black sperm donor. I’ll pray for you all, and hope that you can see the error of your judgement.


    • Hipster Racist
      February 10, 2016

      I’m approving “WhiteGuilt” because it’s either a spot-on parody complete with a vicious satire on cuckolds – or it’s deadly earnest, which makes it even funnier…


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