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Ain’t No War But Ours


In the wake of the JFK assassination, William Buckley interviewed the author of “Rush to Judgment,” a book that barely hinted at a “wider conspiracy.” Buckley was trying to paint the JFK “conspiracy theorists” as left wingers who couldn’t accept that their hero had been assassinated by a Communist sympathizer and not a right winger, and in order to appear even-handed, he acknowledged that conservatives were susceptible to a similar mindset. He said, “there are many on the right that won’t be happy unless it is shown that the Kremlin literally pushed a button and Oswald sprung into action, as if by remote control.” For Buckley, himself a CIA asset, the official story – that Oswald, a Communist sympathizer, assassinated a liberal JFK all by himself – was not only true, but useful. It proved the dangers of the “global communist conspiracy,” and that the liberal Democrats who were “soft on communism” were in denial about a very real threat.

The right wing reaction to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack echoes Buckley’s sentiment. So far, no one is suggesting that the attacks were an “organized conspiracy” on the part of “Al Qaeda” or the “Islamic State,” but instead, were done by “lone Al Qaeda sympathizers.” The purported assassins were not just sympathizers of the “global jihadi conspiracy” but in fact traveled to Syria and were trained by ISIS. To the right wing, the left-wing multiculturalists of Charlie Hebdo “had it coming” – they wholeheartedly supported mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and mocked as “conspiracy theorists” and “haters” any conservatives who pointed out the potential problems this might create.

The right wing is convinced that the elites – the governing class of Europe and the West – are somehow “naive” about the threat of Islam and mass immigration. According to this narrative, the elites really and truly believe that Muslims from the third world can coexist peacefully in a multicultural Europe, and the only thing preventing an outbreak of peace and harmony is the recalcitrant “racists” and “nativists” whose unhinged bigotry “isolates” otherwise peaceful Muslims from the community at large, fostering extremism.

That is one way to look at it. It’s the old saw, “never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.” The liberal elites of the West are just naive, pie-in-the-sky ideologues just sure that with a bit more tolerance education even third world Muslims can be integrated peacefully into a new multi-cultural Europe.

Of course, there is another alternative. Perhaps the governing class of Europe knows full well that importing millions of third world Muslims into Europe is not going to result in multicultural harmony, but instead, social hostility and inevitable bouts of terrorism. Perhaps the elites of Europe are not, in fact, doe-eyed idealists, but instead extremely competent, intelligent, and ruthless managers of Global Empire and regular bouts of Muslim terrorism are, so to speak, a feature – not a bug.

Steve Sailer once described Western policy as “invade the world and invite the world.” For the last decade and a half, the United States and its NATO allies have been involved in a “Global War on Terror” against “Al Qaeda” – a purported world-wide Muslim conspiracy – and have invaded and/or bombed Muslim nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, supported a coup in Egypt, with many factions still attempting to trigger a war against Iran.

To an objective observer, a non-Westerner and a non-Muslim – perhaps a Chinese – the idea that Westerners would be incensed at Muslims murdering French liberals after they themselves have spent fifteen years bombing, invading, are torturing one Muslim nation after another seems a bit, well, hypocritical. While NATO drone bombs wedding parties in Afghanistan and Yemen, Western newspapers publish blasphemy and mockery of Muslims and Islam. Muslim anger is hardly surprising.

But apparently we are supposed to believe that the people that run NATO, the Western governments, and the Western establishment in general are actually taken by surprise. We are supposed to believe that these highly competent people that run the World’s Only Superpower, a globe spanning Empire that includes military bases in 80% of the nations on earth, somehow just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that Muslims are different and importing foreigners into the West is a recipe for disaster. We are supposed to believe that the highly trained academics in the State Department and Western intelligence agencies are just bumbling fools, naive idealists who just want the Muslims to love us and give rights to women.

However, the idea that the elites know exactly what they are doing – that Muslim terrorism in Western nations is a feature, not a bug – an intended, not unintended consequence – is a “conspiracy theory” which means it is outside the permissible bounds of respectable opinion. In response to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, the French Defense minister said that ISIS must be “destroyed” and the French are likely to increase their participation in the US and NATO wars in the Middle East, specifically, the war against Assad’s government in Syria – coincidentally, of course, the same Syrian government that ISIS is fighting.

In the years after 9/11, the Washington Post did a profile of a radical imam and his Mosque in suburban Virginia, driving distance from the CIA headquarters. Various purported “radical jihadis” had been members of this mosque and the imam was accused of “radicalizing” various American native and immigrant Muslims. The American elites threw up their hands; they could do nothing about it, they said, as the Constitutional freedoms of speech and religion made it impossible for the government to deport the imam and his terrorist jihadis. Of course, they had no problem sending Susan Lindauer, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American born woman to military prison for a year under the PATRIOT Act, accused of “aiding terrorists” for writing letters to Congressmen warning of the attacks. The same government that had no problem dealing with a liberal White woman – cousin to George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Andrew Card, no less – claimed helplessness in dealing with actual radical Muslim terrorists openly preaching jihad just spitting distance from the nation’s capital.

To echo Buckley, there are some that won’t be satisfied unless the CIA or Mossad literally “pushed a button” and the Charlie Hebdo assassins sprung into action, as if by remote control. In our post-9/11 internet culture, every event like this is second-guessed, each video run over with a fine toothed comb by those looking for any indication of video trickery, “crisis actors” or evidence of a “false flag.” But perhaps the “real conspiracy” here is that the Western powers have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims, while at the same time imported their relatives to the West and purposefully insulted them and their religion in the most obscene ways possible – then pretend to be surprised when they lash out.


In many ways, multiculturalism in the West is simply a mirror image of imperialism abroad. While Westerners are forced to respect sharia law and avoid offending Muslim sensibilities here – through the threat of violence either from Muslims themselves or the commissars of “hate speech” – over there, Muslims are forced to adopt to Western ways, to put up with NATO troops patrolling their streets and Western media seemingly designed to shock their sensibilities. While we are incensed when the British government turns a blind eye to Pakistanis sexually trafficking English girls in Rotherham, we turn a blind eye to Dyncorp sexually trafficking teenagers in the Balkans, Blackwater prostituting Iraqi girls for one US dollar, and the CIA sexually torturing Iraqi men, women, and children in secret prisons.

For a Global Empire to really work, every independent culture must be simultaneously smashed. Homogeneous nations represent the biggest obstacle to Global Empire. As good fences make good neighbors, without Muslim terrorism in the West, Westerners might lose their taste for invading and occupying Muslim nations. Therefore, peoples and cultures must be mixed, constantly at war with each other, lest peace – or at least benign neglect – breaks out.

Nous sommes tous Charlie maintenant.



20 comments on “Ain’t No War But Ours

  1. Hipster Racist
    January 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    What if Muslim terrorism is a feature – not a bug?


  2. icareviews
    January 19, 2015

    “To echo Buckley, there are some that won’t be satisfied unless the CIA or Mossad literally ‘pushed a button’ and the Charlie Hebdo assassins sprung into action, as if by remote control. In our post-9/11 internet culture, every event like this is second-guessed, each video run over with a fine toothed comb by those looking for any indication of video trickery, ‘crisis actors’ or evidence of a ‘false flag.'”

    I’m not one to shout “crisis actors” in a crowded internet – although I hardly think it needs to be said that there are historical instances of such figures being used for various purposes – but I actually do suspect a false flag in the Charlie Hebdo affair. The business about the ID card being left in the vehicle is straight out of the 9/11 playbook, and the killers, as many have pointed out, seem to have special training and resources. Whether or not it was the Mossad, as Brother Nathanael has asserted, we of course can’t say with any certainty; but the fact of France’s recognition of Palestinian statehood and Charlie Hebdo’s pro-Palestinian politics (making them expendable) shouldn’t disqualify Israel as a candidate. Whoever “pushed a button”, I do tend to believe there was a western intelligence connection.

    Readers might also be interested in Syrian Girl’s take:


    • Hipster Racist
      January 20, 2015

      I do tend to believe there was a western intelligence connection.

      I’m not even sure it counts as a “false flag” – even if its a “true flag” it’s still NATO/CIA. The USA recruited the Mujahadeen which was then rebranded to “Al Qaeda” then post-Bin Laden has been called “ISIS” or “ISIL” or “Islamic State” or “Daesha” or whatever. It’s essentially the same thing – a bunch of mercenaries recruited from radical Sunni cultures that just happen to always act in the strategic interests of NATO/CIA.

      ISIS is driving around in US trucks and using US weapons that were accidentally dropped from US airplanes. And they are fighting the Assad government in Syria just like the US. There was a scandal not long ago about John McCain meeting and getting photographed with ISIS – he claims it was “Free Syrian Army” – not ISIS – but really, what’s the difference?

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      • icareviews
        January 20, 2015

        I guess I’m freer with my definition of “false flag”, as I don’t necessarily think it has to present itself as a state-sponsored act of terror to count. The Boston Tea Party, for instance, I think could be argued to have rudimentary or proto elements of the false flag style of operation.


      • Hipster Racist
        January 23, 2015


        The second you suggest that what is being shown on TV is not the whole story, you get the “conspiracy theorist” label, which may as well be being called a “witch.”

        This article hopefully shows that even without any “conspiracy theories” the official story itself is enough to suspect there’s more going on.

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      • Jew-wise Missionary
        May 23, 2017

        certainly you saw the fake point blank killing of a pedestrian with a cap rifle, right? In the New York time sq car run down I saw a few incidents hat were faked, like ppl falling just outside of view into view as the car passed by and obviously weren’t hit.At Grandes concert where were the thousands of cell phone footage that should have been available. Where they hid the Pentagon cameras on 911?


    • Hipster Racist
      January 20, 2015

      Here’s an example – remember Tora Bora in 2001? This was such a scandal that John Kerry mentioned it in the 2004 Presidential debate.

      The US had Osama Bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” surrounded at Tora Bora in Afghanistan. Then, they stood down and allowed an airlift into Pakistan. They showed the airplanes taking off live on TV. The TV openly speculated about an “arrangement.”

      Then it just got swept under the rug. There were various Army sources that complained bitterly about it. But there is no questioning what happened – the Bush administration purposefully allowed Osama Bin Laden and his core group of “Al Qaeda” to fly into Pakistan – they didn’t shoot down one damn plane.

      This isn’t even a “conspiracy theory” – it was all reported on quite openly.

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  3. icareviews
    January 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    In this insightful article, Hipster Racist draws a useful parallel between reactions to the JFK assassination and the assault on Charlie Hebdo. Caution – you are about to enter a No “Islamo-Nazis” and No “Crisis Actors” Zone!

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  4. Don Logan
    January 19, 2015

    The governments and media of the West have all come to stridently defend Charlie Hebdo’s vulgar attacks on Muhammad and Islam. Aside from the question of press freedom, the West is now seen in the Muslim world’s eyes, over 1 billion of them from fundamentalist to moderate, as wholly counter to that part of the world. The West is now Charlie Hebdo – a scurrilous and shrill anti-Muslim entity. Identification of the entire West as such completely demolishes any attempt to promote the best interests of both the Muslim world and the West. Cui Bono? Israel of course. Another wedge is driven and Israel stands to benefit. I have no proof this was a false flag but some evidence points in that direction. If it was, it was an astoundingly successful psyop. Westerners waving signs everywhere saying they are Charlie Hebdo, the purveyors of cheap attacks on that which over a billion people revere. Couldn’t have been scripted better for the Netanyahus of the world.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 20, 2015

      Back post-911, we used to say that the wars were about O.I.L. – Oil, Israel, and Logistics (i.e., Empire, the Great Game, control of Central Asia.)

      Jonathan Stuart Liebowitz mocked the idea on his Daily Show, of course.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 25, 2015

      Yeah, I personally have no actual beef with Islam. I obviously don’t want them in Europe and America, but neither do I have some need to insult them or their religion, and I certainly have no interest in bombing them.


  5. vikingbitch
    January 20, 2015

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The elite know damn well what they are doing. A sort of organized chaos is occurring at their behest and they are using terrorism as a means of social control. Dysfunction serves a function for the elite, that function being controlling the masses who may uprise against the fact that their standard of living is crumbling before their eyes while the powers that be get more wealthy via the imprisoning of the planet.
    No one is allowed to have a cultural identity anymore as slaves cannot have identities.

    People with identities rebel

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  6. Peltast
    January 20, 2015

    Buckley was one of the creators of the neocon movement, the National Review and the John Birch Society were created to promote ‘Kosher Konservatism’.

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    • Hipster Racist
      January 23, 2015


      Yes, Buckley was CIA too. It looks like his job was to purge the nascent “right wing” of any non-kosher tendencies.

      Around 1980, a Senator quite popular with the JBS apparently was going off script and considering running for President. He died in a plane crash.

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  7. clytemnestra57
    January 24, 2015

    Je ne suis pas Charlie. The free world having its underwear in a twist over a bunch of Marxists getting shot over their moronic Mohammed cartoons is stupid. This is the same bunch that routinely savaged every ideal and tradition the French and the rest of the Europeans held sacred. To paint them as defenders of the West is absurd; where are their cartoons protesting the imprisonment of “Holocaust Deniers?” Hmmm?

    I think all this outrage is manufactured. We have professional “Je Suis Charlie” signs printed off within twenty-four hours of the killings, almost like they were just laying around in anticipation of such an event. Not saying this is a false flag, but it makes no sense that people are shocked, shocked, shocked at the idea that inviting millions of Muslim fanatics into the country and then provoking them into anger isn’t going to result in violence.

    Je ne suis pas Charlie and, I might add, neither are most Americans. Where I work, all you get is CNN, MSN and Fox News coverage of this and I just see people shrugging it off. No one cares that a bunch of Marxist cartoonists got shot over their moronic Mohammed cartoons and I suspect, if you asked the average viewer, you could easily get a consensus that they were just asking for the kind of trouble they got.

    I wanted to add, kudos to the Muslims that allegedly did this. They have seen what tolerating dissenting opinions and lampooning has done for Christianity. It’s all but destroyed Christianity and other things the West has held dear.


  8. clytemnestra57
    January 24, 2015

    I wanted to add that, up to recently, I would have sworn that the Western elites were not only intent on electing a new people but electing a new god, because they had such a visceral hatred of Christianity. Or how else can one explain this Muslim colonization from the Middle East and Africa going on all over the West?

    However, they have found that any and all instances of “Anti-Semitism” is usually fomented by the very Muslims they brought in to colonize the West. It isn’t the Neo-Nazis of Europe that are making French and British Jews seriously consider foregoing all the benefits of European socialism to make Aliyah to Israel.

    The major problem is that the only strong history defense to Islamic “extremism” is a muscular, testosterone-charged, aggressive Christianity wielded by the sword arms of fanatical crusaders like Charles Martel, Holger Danske, and John Sobieski. And the Western elite have spent over a century hollowing Christianity into nothing but fawning Philo-Semitism where they have not eradicated it altogether in favor of secular atheism.

    I believe the elite would like to reverse course, but it is probably already too late for that and they know it. I think this latest manufactured outrage over the massacre at Charlie Hebdo is some lame attempt to bypass Christianity with some ideological fight with the Muslims to defend our “freedom.”

    Frankly, I can’t imagine modern Western secularist men, no matter how muscular, aggressive or testosterone-charged they are, mounting the battlements to defend the West as it is today. Surely, the caponized, feminized Christian appeasement that is going on today must be anathema to such men. Why would men who despise feminism and homosexuality want to defend such “freedoms” from the Muslims? I can’t see it, myself.

    As for the secular males of so-called “beta” persuasion, I can’t see them manning the ramparts against Islam. Even if they don’t believe a lick of Islam, I can see them going through the motions the way their ideological ancestors did during the days of the Inquisition for “Catholicstenics.”

    The latest Republiscam led by John Boehner proved that the votes of conservative White men are meaningless. Thanks to political correctness, they have lost control over their livelihoods, their wives, and their families. I would say that men of White European extraction all over the West are ripe for conversion to the more masculine Islam and I don’t mean at sword point either.

    When that happens, the Inquisitions and expulsions and pogroms of Christian Europe are going to look like a walk in the park by comparison. Mohammed predicted there would come a day where the entire world would be trying to kill all the Jews and I think this can only come through a global caliphate.


    • Hipster Racist
      January 25, 2015


      Touching on some of what you say, the average “beta” white man – especially the younger ones – has no “skin in the game” when it comes to the West, Christianity, or whiteness. They don’t have wives, if they do have children it’s one and they probably don’t even have custody. The old Protestant institutions of America are fully integrated and actively anti-white.

      When men had wives and children and grandchildren – they would fight to the death for those things – their family.

      Now? What do they have?

      Put me in charge, and it would change in *one generation* – marry off the gals at 17 and make sure by the time they are 30 they have minimum of three children, and no divorce. Boom – instant skin in the game for the majority of white men.

      Of course, that’s not going to happen.

      As for our kosher friends, their monopoly on the media is rapidly coming to an end, thanks to the internet. That was the source of their power – that and breaking sexual taboos. But that’s all in the past now – now, they got nothing.


  9. clytemnestra57
    January 27, 2015

    @Hipster Racist:

    Put me in charge, and it would change in *one generation* – marry off the gals at 17 and make sure by the time they are 30 they have minimum of three children, and no divorce. Boom – instant skin in the game for the majority of white men.

    HR, ironically, the one Abrahamic religion that does that IS Islam.

    In Islam, the girls are married off young and become baby factories. The marriages are arranged by their parents. The groom pays a bride price that goes to her care and upkeep if she is returned to her family because he dies or divorces her. Of course, all these hapless Muslimas getting caught in “adultery” and stoned to death may be the Muslim version of “not his fault” divorce.

    The men get full custody of the children in divorce. If they survive the divorce, the women, if they are lucky, get visitation.

    I was reading one article about how the women in Afghanistan were coping under the oppressive Taliban system and how one infertile married woman had collaborated with a pregnant rape victim to pass the child off as hers in order to save both their lives, because her husband was blaming her and wanted to divorce her.

    The Muslimas who wage jihad baffle me. Since women are treated like third or fourth class citizens in Islam and there is nothing in the Koran that remotely resembles paradise for women – what do they get out of this except to sit on the sidelines watching their husbands’ orgies with the 72 virgin houris and the 24 youths?

    Furthermore, I see nothing about reincarnating as a man so they can ultimately enjoy their own celestial bacchanals.

    In any case, I’m really surprised that there have not been more voluntary White Western male converts to Islam. God knows, they are ripe for it. I think that the only reason why it hasn’t happened is that while the Arabs are really great at coercion, they aren’t very skilled at persuasion like their Jewish cousins are. History has proven that Whites are easily talked into all kinds of things by smooth talkers.


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