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Brandeis University is the epicenter of an outbreak of race realism!

Black people are the greatest promoters of racial realism among Whites.  Khadijah Lynch allegedly made some statements favorable to the ambush killing of two NYPD officers and also hinted that she wants to get a gun herself.  A petition was made to expel Khadijah, a senior at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts (incidentally, where the Boston Celtics have their practice court, and also where the National Alliance used to rent rooms to hold meetings in the early 2000’s).

Brandeis is named for Louis Dembitz Brandeis, who can be said to be one of founders of the state of Israel.  He was the one who influenced Woodrow Wilson to bring the USA into World War I.  He was also a free speech absolutist, and regarded as cowards and quite likely in the wrong anyone who wanted to chill free speech, and by free speech, he meant what they call nowadays “hate speech.”  He wasn’t about protecting only left wing speech or Jewish speech.  What he would say to ADL censors would be, “you must be afraid the Nazis are right then.”

Brandeis was in favor of people screaming what they believed from the rooftops, publishing newspapers about it, making movies, whatever, as much as possible, Nazism, fascism, communism, religionism, atheism, Talmudism.  Let it all out, no restrictions.  He believed that free speech would create ideological equilibrium, and that suppressing free speech/hate speech would create a volcano effect or pressure cooker effect that would blow out violently.

Brandeis’s view, as I have researched it, is that there is an objective right and wrong, but if you try to censor free speech, you do so because you fear your opponent is right.  Those who restrict hate speech are afraid that people will talk to each other freely and get out of control and then kill the “rulers,” who decide what speech is allowed and what isn’t.

Brandeis would have been absolutely opposed to SPLC tactics of getting people fired from their jobs for,doing such terrible things like writing a book or donating to a free speech internet forum.

For all his faults of getting us into World War I, Louis Dembitz Brandeis is a reminder that WN’s are censored and punished because the anti-whites and Establishment Jews fear that we could rally the white masses against them.

And now we have an outbreak of race realism among Brandeis students, along with a very aggressive black woman named “Pamela” or a very good troll impersonating a black woman (never rule out that possibility).  This is amazing.  one would have never thought that it would be at Brandeis University that the very project of Black Empowerment and Uplift and Civil Rights would be challenged.  Facebook post and comments screen grabbed and posted below for posterity.  We could call it the Christmas 2014 Battle at Brandeis.




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    Malcolm X was right – Black people deserve their own nation, separate and safe from Racist Whiteys. Support Black Nationalism today!

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