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Yellow Star Journalism

What a tangled web we weave

O, what a tangled web we weave . . .

Viewers of last weekend’s edition of ABC’s This Week were treated to a fluff piece about a presidential tailor and (yet another) Auschwitz survivor in Maximilian Grunfeld, alias Martin Greenfield, author of a recent memoir titled Measure of a Man. Grunfeld worked as a tailor in Auschwitz before being transferred to Buchenwald, where he met mass-murdering exterminator-for-hire Dwight D. Eisenhower, for whom he would later craft presidential apparel. This, of course, is the sort of pabulum one expects when tuning into the mainstream media; but what occasions this writer’s attention is ABC “journalist” Jessica Puckett’s account of the story, posted the following day at Yahoo! “News”.

While Grunfeld does not claim to have met Eisenhower at Auschwitz – though the superficial This Week piece suggests this to uninformed audiences by emphasizing his time at Auschwitz, neglecting to mention the tailor’s evacuation to Buchenwald, and by referring to Ike as “the dashing American general who freed him” – Jessica Puckett makes this preposterous claim explicitly in her write-up, asserting, “When Martin Greenfield first saw Dwight D. Eisenhower, it was during the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where he was a prisoner during World War II.”

Eisenhower, in January of 1945, while Auschwitz was being “liberated” by the Russians, was wastefully waging the celebrated Battle of the Bulge. Puckett’s account is clearly a false one, but hardly atypical of the reportage of “Holocaust”-related stories. The purpose of such yellow star journalism is not so much the conveyance of facts as the stimulation of weepy narcotic feelings that short-circuit the rational functioning of the brain. What matters here is the human interest, the tale of the brutalized, olive-skinned immigrant boy who overcame the horrors of WASP adversity and made a better life for himself in America. (It is also worth noting, however, that Puckett’s version of World War II credits America as the savior of Europe’s Jews, cutting the marginal Russians out of the picture altogether – but what would be the point of the “American” media giving the least positive publicity to Russia while simultaneously trying to stoke American hatred of that country?)

Jessica Puckett – what a dope

Jewamongyou’s Blog, with reference to human biodiversity controversies, has highlighted an academic phenomenon called the “Thick Book Tactic”, which works as follows:

Back in the days when I was part of the religious Jewish community, I took note of a common tactic to defend accepted dogma.  I call it “The Thick Book Tactic”.  The way it works is that a famous person, regarded as a scholar, writes a long book supposedly disproving the targeted heresy.  Back in those days, I had my own “heresy” and I actually went through the trouble of reading the “thick books”.  I discovered that they were practically devoid of real content, instead referring to other works – which, in turn, were easy to debunk.  Those “thick books”, when actually read, were card houses.  But the truth is that they were never intended to be read [. . .] Instead, the main intention was to give people something to point to and say, “Do you see this thick book?  It debunks your heresy.  People wiser than you have already resolved your issues”.  Of course, when I wrote my own opinions, well founded as they were, few were interested in reading them because I was not famous.  The masses would much rather point to nonsense written by a famous person, than actually consider an opposing view.  They’re comfortable in their faith and those “thick books”, even if never read, help support their ideology.

“Holocaust” orthodoxy as it has been developed since the conclusion of the Second World War is nothing if not the perfect arena for deploying the “Thick Book Tactic”. Raul Hilberg’s three-volume Destruction of the European Jews, regarded by many as the definitive history of the “Holocaust”, runs over a thousand pages, and who, in all honesty – ardent believer or otherwise – has the time or the inclination to suffer through something so evilly lengthy and so depressingly ghoulish? In conjunction with what this writer might characterize as the even more powerful “Sad Movie Tactic”, the “Thick Book” promotion and popular repetition of “Holocaust” mythology have wrought ideological brain damage and unleashed a ruinous ethnomasochistic dysfunction in European civilization, comprising a key piece of the ethical framework for the demographic displacement of whites in their lands. Whites must never be nationalistic again. The world has witnessed where that dark track can lead – to the ovens!

Death March

Baton Death March

It is not the responsibility of the yellow star journalist, yellow star historian, or yellow star filmmaker to make inconvenient inquiries and to ask – for instance, when (under its “Big Government” heading) Breitbart also spotlighted Grunfeld, who claims to have become “a walking skeleton” while being conducted by the Nazis on a “Death March” – why the Germans would bother with the hassle of provisioning an escort for a “Death March” at all instead of just shooting the prisoners, if the intention was to exterminate them anyway. Nor is it the responsibility of the yellow star journalist, yellow star historian, or yellow star filmmaker to ask why there were so many survivors left alive to collect their reparations checks after the deactivation of these allegedly well-oiled murder factories – nor, furthermore, is it their responsibility to wonder aloud why pregnant Jewish women were allowed to live and deliver their babies in extermination camps.

concentration camp mothers

Jewish mothers with their infants in a concentration camp

Fortunately, there are those who, at the peril of demonization, loss of livelihood, or even incarceration as thought criminals in the “liberated”, enlightened Europe of today, have endeavored to investigate these stories. Following in the footsteps of historians Hoggan, Butz, and Faurisson, a new crop of more youthful “Holocaust deniers” – or revisionists, as most would prefer to be called – continues to debunk what Butz dubs The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. The internet is the pleasantly gas-free extermination facility for the eradication of the institutionalized anti-European smear campaigns of “Holocaust education” and yellow star journalism. Bypassing the Zionist publishing monopoly altogether, such homemade documentaries as Denier Bud’s One Third of the Holocaust and Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil, along with vintage programs featuring Ernst Zundel, David McCalden, and Jewish “Holocaust denier” David Cole, are free (for those remaining free) to view whenever they want online. Eric Hunt, whose films The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax and The Last Days of the Big Lie this writer wholeheartedly recommends, is set to announce the debut of a new documentary this afternoon.

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