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Hannah Graham’s Political Significance


At first glance, this story appeared all too typical, these days.

A pretty young White woman disappears.  Foul play is feared.  The suspect is a Black male.

What is atypical is the approach being taken to her disappearance by a) the media and by b) the police.

First of all, this girl is getting more than the typical cursory confined-to-local media attention and cryptic coverage.  This story has gone national.  Second, the police are pretty much pointing an atypical finger at a typical “person of interest,” naming names, and showing pictures!

Charlottesville Chief of Police Tim Longo personally shows up to point the finger and carries on like it was his own daughter who may have been nabbed!

“I believe Jesse Matthew was the last person she was seen with before she vanished off the face of the Earth because it’s been a week and we can’t find her,” Charlottesville police Chief Timothy Longo said. “I’ve made no mistake about it. We want to talk to Jesse Matthew. We want to talk to him. We want to talk to him about his interaction with this sweet, young girl we can’t find.”

An arrest warrant for “reckless driving” was issued after this “person of interest” showed up at the police station, refused to answer any questions, demanded a lawyer and then “sped away” for parts unknown.

A $50,000 reward is now being offered in hopes of soliciting tips that could lead police to Graham. The City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are each offering $10,000. In addition, some local residents and businesses have contributed $30,000 to the reward.

Update:  Jesse Matthew was hunted all the way to Texas, where he was apprehended, and is either awaiting extradition back to Virginia or has already been returned.  Quite a bit of effort for a reckless driver!

This approach is a glaring contrast to the traditional approach to this typical situation:

a) The story is contained; not to a state level, but to the smallest local level possible.

b) The media does handstands to hide the identity of the suspect until after an arrest is made in the hopes that it won’t come up again until the suspect is on trial for the offense,

c) The police are very tight-lipped.  No name, no picture, not even a sketch of the suspect will be aired.

d) The only give away is the field reporter on the scene.  Usually, the station will send out the most non-threatening, impeccably groomed, respectable looking and articulate Black reporter they can find to convey concern.

e) Once the malefactor is caught, the  police soil themselves to make it clear to White viewers that no “hate crime” was involved; just a little rape and robbery that went “awry.”


And Enoch also beheld the residue of the people which were the sons of Adam; and they were a mixture of all the seed of Adam save it was the seed of Cain, for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them.

(Joseph Smith Translation of The Bible)

According to the Bible, after his murder of Abel was exposed, Cain was afraid that he would be a hunted fugitive who would be murdered himself.  The Lord God gave him a mark that set him off from other people, although the Bible never really describes what it was.  Presumably, they would be too afraid to approach him, much less try to kill him.  The early Mormon Church theorized that God made Cain as black as sin itself.  Certain African sects, however, believe that Cain turned pale with fright and stayed that way.


When I commented on this unorthodox approach to Black on White violence to some people I know, an acquaintance of mine suggested that it was because they discovered Jesse Matthew was a serial killer:



The White Male Serial Killer Stereotype seemed to bear out the theory of the White Race as the Seed of Cain.  However, The White Male Serial Killer Stereotype comes from two things.

One is having a peaceful, civilized culture with people who notice anomalies, like the butchered remains of their citizens found in shallow graves, etc. and then investigate and document them.   Many of aboriginal serial killers go uninvestigated and undocumented because there is either no policing and/or it is very primitive where they live.  Or they live in a violent, war-torn area where thrill kills would go unnoticed in the general war carnage.

The other thing is demographics.  When the White Male Serial Killer phenomenon first started to be documented, the thrill kills were taking in place in countries that were White with populations that were very, very White.

Nothing in criminal investigation changed much to shatter the White Male Serial Stereotype, not even when the bodies of little Black boys started surfacing all over Atlanta.  People were sure it was a White Male Serial Killer even though his presence in majority Black Atlanta would have been a cause for comment.  Alas,  even finding out that the Atlanta Child Serial killer looked more like this than Ted Bundy was not enough to change perception:



Much attention was called to the idea that Wayne Williams looked mulatto and the implication was that if Williams had no White blood whatsoever, he’d just be another sexy but docile Black male that all thinking Whites would want to marry their daughters.  The notion that Williams killed The Atlanta Children, because he had too much White blood was promoted by The Usual Suspects and became integrated into the prevailing view.  Some sharper knives in the criminology drawer were tempted to theorize that every race had its own class of predators  whose own personal psycho-sexual dynamics within their own families caused them to only prey on their own race.  Too bad, they didn’t have this bit of historical trivia to reference:


Jesse Bird and his victims, Bertha and Beverly June Kludt

Bird was caught in Tacoma on October 30, 1947, after breaking in the home of Bertha Kludt and her daughter Beverly June Kludt and hacking them to death with an ax. He confessed to the killings, reportedly saying it was a burglary gone awry. On Nov. 26, 1947, following a three-day trial, he was convicted of first-degree murder. While on death row, he confessed to committing or being involved in 44 murders during his travels across the country. He was hanged at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla on July 15, 1949.

This was probably the last time a Black on White serial killer received much coverage from the media.  Black on White serial killings continued and multiplied exponentially from the mid-sixties with the passage of the Snivel Rights Act and other initiatives designed to force integration on Whites.  But all of these were buried by the press.  Honest coverage of any Black serial killer racking up scores of White bodies would run  counter to the narrative of the Anti-White orthodoxy afflicting this country since the Snivel Rights Movement.

The White Male Serial Killer Stereotype prevailed and was responsible for the fact that seven or more murders of White women in Baton Rouge were not properly investigated.  Oh, erroneous eyewitness reports by folks who had also grown up believing the stereotype did not help matters, much.  In any case, the real perpetrator managed to elude the authorities for ten years.  It was only after conducting thousands of DNA tests on any White man known to cross the paths of the White victims did police allow DNAprint Genomics to generate an ancestry profile which conclusively proved the killer was Black, forcing them to change the course of investigation which led straight to:


This killer proves that not only do serial killers come from all races, but a more disturbing thesis; serial killers are not predators whose own family or personal psycho-dynamics cause them to seek out only victims of their own race.  More likely they simply seek out Victims of Opportunity.

Ted Bundy blamed pornography for his killing sprees.  Assuming there is an eroticized rage to serial killing, White women are the foci of eroticized rage from all men in this pornified culture where X on blonde women, in particular is available at the click of a laptop button nowadays.  Of course, since the days of Fair Helen, blonde women, in particular, have always been sex objects and victims of opportunity available only to White rapists and serial killers.  That began to change in dead earnest the moment White girls were forced to integrate with Black boys at bayonet point.

It took less than fifty years for an interracial Black serial killer like Jesse Bird to no longer be an anomaly but almost seventy years before there would be honest coverage of this fact.  And the result is a killer who doubles his pool of victims:


Morgan Harrington 10/2009               Cassandra Morton  10/2009




Alexis Murphy 08/2013                                   Hannah Graham 09/2014

So, we all know the usual drill where coverage of Black on White Crime is concerned:  contain it, minimize it, and bury it ASAP.  Nope, no Black on White Crime Epidemic here.  No Hate Bias Crime, either.  Drive on, folks, nothing to see here.


What is up with this story?  What is so special about this girl?  What makes the suffering of her parents any more agonizing than Channon Christian’s parents?  Or, for that matter, Chandra Levy’s?

Why was this atypical approach to a typical situation chosen in this case?  Some here may suspect a religious angle, but that doesn’t explain why the approach to Levy (after it was discovered that she was murdered by an illegal Mestizo from El Salvador rather than a married White U.S. Congressman from California) was so typical; drop all interest when it turned out to be a Perpetrator of Color and bury the story ASAP.

For some time, I have suspected a new political angle behind this atypical approach and the election results of 2014 with the Democrat candidate just narrowly squeaking out a victory over the Republican contender bears out this suspicion.

Virginia is a pivotal political player.  This was a red state that only started turning blue between 2004 and 2008.  In 2013, Democrat Terry McAuliffe was elected governor. But in 2014, Republican Eric Cantor’s “progressive” view on amnesty gets him ousted by a Tea Party candidate who is strident about border enforcement.

For the next two elections, Virginia is a swing state political wild card that is up for grabs, which is why this atypical approach to a typical situation in Virginia, a state with a governor hailing from a party who has made a show of pandering to Blacks for over forty years is noteworthy.

This follows the “blanqueamiento” of Democratic ranks in time for the 2014 elections within a year of the discovery that what should have been a slam-dunk victory of a reasonably competent Republican governor over an incompetent and corrupt Democrat community organizer in 2012 was, in fact, derailed by the working class Whites that Democrats had abandoned to the Republicans decades ago.  The very people Mr. Hope and Change had blown off only five years earlier.


In a previous post, “Curiouser and Curiouser,” I documented the reaction of both sides of the political establishment to the fact that a competent White Republican lost what should have been a cakewalk election to an incompetent and corrupt Black Democrat, because six to sixteen million White voters failed to appear at the polls.  Dismissed by Barak Obama as “Bitter Clingers” in 2007, they were identified in the 2012 Election Postmortem as the same Working Class Whites who kept George Herbert Walker Bush from getting a second term in the White House when twenty percent of likely Republican voters voted for Ross Perot in 1992.

In 1992, despite running a terrible campaign, Ross Perot siphoned off 18.9% of the votes or 19,741,065 voters who would have most likely voted Republican, making it possible for Bill Clinton to win the White House with only 43 percent of the vote.

Perot siphoned off those Reagan Coalition voters who were displeased with Bush. His economic nationalism appealed to Buchananites. His dismissal of social issues and isolationist stances were attractive to a lot of forgotten New England Republicans, which gave Perot second place in the general election. His focus on the debt made him the favorite of those who felt that Reaganomics had been irrational in its projections of future growth. A significant number of conservatives cast ballots for Perot to protest  Bush’s  RINO-ism.

The numbers suggest that Perot garnered his support primarily from Reagan/Bush voters from the 1980s. In 1984, the Republican share of the presidential vote was 59 percent. In 1988, it was 53 percent. In 1992, the combined Bush/Perot vote share was 56 percent. All in all, Bush’s share of the vote from 1988 and the Bush/Perot share of the vote from 1992 seem to overlap in every region of the country and in most of the nation’s largest states. Perot shattered the Reagan/Bush coalition, allowing Bill Clinton to pick up the pieces.


When Barak Obama dismissed what used to be The Ross Perot Coalition as “Bitter Clingers” during the Democrat Primary in 2007, Hillary’s numbers came swinging from behind when she defended them, threatening to upset the Democrat Convention.  Methinks that, the Democrat Establishment, fearing riots from BHO Supporters that would disrupt it like the SDS disrupted the 1968 convention blackmailed Clinton into backing down and also bribed her with promises to support her 2016 run.

The Ross Perot Coalitionists made enough of a splash with the Democrats that their Think Tanks composed of idiots like Joan Walsh felt stirred up enough to accuse their White racism of compelling them to “vote against their own interests.”

The problem is, what the typical Head Up His Ass Democrat can’t accept is that Democrats have their work cut out for them where the Bitter Clingers are concerned, because the Democrats, along with bipartisan Republicans, did many things to alienate this group:

The Democrats abandoned all pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class young people in favor of “The New Progressive Coalition” made up of gays, lesbians, African-Americans, Hispanics, other Non-Whites, unmarried women, and affluent suburbanites.

Obamacare, where Democrats like Teddy Kennedy dangled “a health care plan like mine,” i.e., the single payer Federal Plan which gives federal employees every private option, like picking their own doctor and benefits provider, under their noses only to impose a plan that forced them to purchase a plan they could not afford which limited their choices of doctors and hospitals.

The Hate Crimes Bill which gave protected class status to every one else but them, which further marginalized them as kulaks to eliminate.

One conversation too many about race which incorporated The White Privilege Meme.

Obama’s proposal to reduce the debt by cutting working class entitlements like Social Security and Medicare.

“Shovel Ready Jobs” that, IF they materialized would have excluded White construction workers:

Obama’s choice to backdoor Comprehensive Amnesty to illegal aliens by executive action while refusing to secure the border.


Normally, invaders of a country will take a “scorched earth” approach to the first town or two that offers resistance.  They kill all the inhabitants and burn the town to the ground.  This terrorizes the rest of the people to roll over and play dead.

The Russians defeated both Napoleon and Hitler’s armies by turning this concept upside down.  When it was clear that the invading armies would overwhelm any territory, the Russians systematically slaughtered any livestock they could not evacuate with the rest of the town.  Then they burned whatever else they themselves could not carry off.  The lack of any infrastructure led to the invaders dying of starvation and exposure in the harsh Russian winters.

The reason why Cultural Marxists (CM)s loathe and resent Heirloom Europeans (HE)s who engaged in White Flight so much is that CMs counted on HEs to submit to their social agenda AND maintain the infrastructures of Detroit, Gary, Camden, Trenton, St. Louis, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum the CMs ruled over while they did so.

Since many of their brethren were in charge of the Soviet Union when Hitler’s troops invaded, America’s Cultural Marxists instinctively intuit and understand that HEs who engage in White Flight are deliberately allowing the cities to be destroyed rather than submit to the CM agenda.

A common WNist trope is “Worse is Better.”  The idea is that AmeriKwa is so FOS that it needs both an enema and an emetic even if the purgative is so violent that the result is deadly.  This trope should scare the shit out of any MFIIC on either the right or left hoping for a Managed Decline, because that mindset is filtering into the White electorate at large.  Shortly after the 2012 debacle, controlled opposition talk show hosts had segments which polled all the expected voters who could not be bothered to show up to give their reasons why.

One host, Rush Limbaugh sounded very shaken when one old guy said he’d rather see Obama slit the throat of the country right now than see the country die the death of a thousand cuts twenty five years from now.  Interestingly enough, another talk show host with libertarian leanings, Neal Boortz, cited the election results of 2012 as one of reasons he ultimately withdrew from the talk show circuit on January 18, 2013.


In my post, Curiouser and Curiousier which dealt with Democrats trying to woo back their traditional voting base of working class Whites, I asked, Can Democrats take a page out of the Republican playbook and just dog whistle to them?  The blanqueamiento of Democrat office-seekers was definitely a small tweet, but the White electorate was accustomed to being betrayed by White Republicans (which is why they boycotted the 2012 elections).

Indeed, well-funded Republican incumbent, Eric Cantor suffering an upset loss to Tea Party challenger, David Bratt after accumulating a $5 million war chest against Bratt’s modest campaign fund of only $300,000 demonstrated how much the White electorate despise those who work against them and strike back where they can.

The Democrats knew they were facing a terrible election year and expected to lose seats.  They knew that they were facing a vicious backlash by the infuriated White electorate with the Immigrant Child Invasion, the piss-poor economy, and the result of liberal excesses in Fergaza.  Last, they knew that it was a matter of when not if video would be leaked of that Obamacare apparatchik, the weasel, Jonathan Gruber, arrogantly dismissing Whites as stupid voters who had to be lied to “for their own good.”

With Virginia being such a pivotal state, it was very important for Democrats to not only tell The White electorate Who Loves Ya, Baby, but demonstrate Who’s Taking Care of You, Yo!  Thus the national focus on what would ordinarily be an insignificant White teenager like Hannah Graham.

It worked.  Though Republican challenger, Ed Gillespie mounted a formidable challenge against Democrat incumbent, Mark Warner which nearly upset Democrat control of that seat by doing everything imaginable to stick Warner with The Obamation’s dismal record, Warner hung on to this office by his fingernails, winning only 0.8% more votes than Gillespie.

It is highly unlikely that this atypical approach to Hannah Graham’s abduction would have been conducted if Republicans were the party that governed Virginia.  In fact, Republicans like Rand Paul are still doggedly wooing people who will never ever vote for them proving why they aren’t called The Stupid Party for nothing.

Only in a Democrat-controlled state could law enforcement authorities be allowed to back off of The White Serial Killer Libel and aggressively and publicly pursue the real perpetrator.  Only in a Democrat-controlled state could those who do so not be hounded by “social justice activists” or painted by the press as racists.

The stench of the Gruber stink-bomb may stick to the Democrats through the 2016 elections, but I have a deep and abiding faith in the Republicans’ uncanny ability to snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory in short order.  Even though they were given a clear and evident mandate by the electorate to STOP Obama, the waffling has already begun and they haven’t even been sworn into office yet, so take heart, Democrats!

In the meantime, learn the lesson of the Hannah Graham dog-whistle and run with it.




16 comments on “Hannah Graham’s Political Significance

  1. Hipster Racist
    November 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Black-on-white crime gets national news coverage for once.

    Please, anti-whites, tell us how the white woman was “asking for it” because of “white privilege” or something…

    They call themselves “progressives” but as you can see what they really are is anti-white.


  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    November 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.


  3. Hipster Racist
    November 17, 2014

    In the 2008 campaign against Obama, Hillary Clinton used the term “working white families” on at least on one occasion, during the West Virginia primaries. As far as I can remember, this was the first time the word “white” had been used in a positive way by a Democrat in my lifetime, and I can’t think of anytime a Republican did either. Coming right on the heels of the Obama South Carolina victory, after Bill Clinton had made remarks that were attacked as “racist” by the Obama campaign, it sent the Obama team into somewhat of a panic.

    Industrialization followed by technology has destroyed old fashioned class politics. When half of Americans were farmers and half were factory workers, even the average joe could understand things like subsidies and tariffs. Labor union retirement funds stuffed full of globally collateralized debt obligations – which side is the “worker” supposed to be on in that case? Many new right types have said that “cultural Marxist” politics – so-called identity politics – were a way to take actual economic class off the table in political discussions.

    It was Al Gore, Joe Lieberman, Chuck Robb, and others under Bill Clinton that, as part of the Democratic Leadership Council’s “third way economics,” continued what Carter had started, and pushed the Democrats away from traditional labor unions and their protectionist policies and toward the globalism and “free trade agreements” pushed by Carter’s backers, the Council of Foreign Relations (see “Trilateralism” by Holly Sklar for a leftist overview of how global capital took the Democratic party away from domestic labor in the 1970s.)

    So without the FDR-era appeal of economic populism, what does the Democratic party have left? Ethnic spoils for non-whites, and class based “dog-whistling” for striving newly middle class whites – the lifestyle issues, feminism, LGBT, “progressivism.”

    However, the upper class neo-liberal coalition with rural based lower classes – as in our Republican party marriage of Fortune 500 CEOs and rural religious conservatives – is not at all unique to America. (Mao, incidentally, solved that problem for China through his rural-workers-first organizing.)


    • clytemnestra57
      November 17, 2014

      HR, AFAIC, the Democrats have gotten a bad rap. It is the biggest most bitter irony imaginable that Pro-Whites see the Republicans of all people as their friends. For all their anti-White rhetoric, until Obama, Democrats don’t go out of their way to stab Whites in the back.

      It has always been the Republicans who, once they get into power, pass and press for anti-White initiatives, especially those that are most designed to hurt Working Class White people. Eisenhower forcibly desegregated the schools, Nixon enforced Affirmative Action, especially in the construction industry. Reagan passed amnesty. George Herbert Walker Bush pushed for NAFTA and would have passed it. George W. Bush pushed for Amnesty Part Duh and passed Check 21.

      The biggest problem with Whites is that they listen too closely to what people have to say and pay little to no attention to what they do.

      IMO, the Democrats were Pro-White populists who got infiltrated by Cultural Marxists who then decapitated them from the White working class with LBJ’s Great Society initiative. To stay in power, they had no choice but to cobble together an Anti-White rainbow coalition.

      The Republicans have always been “anti-racist” because it serves the interests of the oligarchs. No one did more damage to their powerbase than the racially homogenous White working class union organizers in the early 20th century. That’s why they want their workforce as diverse as possible; divide and rule.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hipster Racist
        November 18, 2014

        Cly, the history goes something like this:

        After the assassination of JFK, LBJ took over and changed the party forever. He was all but an Israeli asset (USS Liberty, etc.) and pushed Civil Rights for strictly political purposes. He famously said, “now we’ve got the nigger vote for a hundred years.” At the time, the New Left – a very kosher political movement – was attempting to take over the Democrats.

        LBJ’s attack on the Solid South – solidly Democrat, the Democrats being “the white man’s party,” – pushed Strom Thurmond to join the Republicans. This started the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” where they bought off the White South with their “dog whistling.” Socialism works well with a homogenous population, but the more multi-racial, the less willing people are to contribute to the commons, to the public good. Because of the differences in populations, it always turns out one group gives and the other group takes.

        So it was easy for the GOP to attack the welfare state, because blacks were getting an oversized share of the benefits, while whites were forced to provide an over-sized share of the contributions. The New Left – being just an outgrowth of old school Communists – were all about urban workers and hated the rural working class – just like the European Communists before them (and unlike the Maoists Communists of China.)

        When the Blacks and Browns and White Leftists of the New Left started showing some solidarity with the Palestinians – all the way back during the 1968 war – the Kosher Left revised their strategy. The first White neo-con, Henry “Scoop” Jackson, started the pro-war Coalition for a Democratic Majority, to get all that sweet Jew money and good Jew press. Now, the Democrats started getting their war on, especially to defend the shitty little country.

        After Carter and Mondale both lost to Reagan, Scoop Jackson’s Democrats were reborn via the Democratic Leadership Council:

        The model on which the Democratic Leadership Council was built was the Coalition for a Democratic Majority. Founded by “Scoop” Jackson Democrats in response to George McGovern’s massive loss to Richard Nixon in 1972, the CDM was dismayed by two presidential election losses and the organization’s goal was to steer the party away from the New Left influence that had permeated the Democratic party since the late 1960s and back to the policies that made the FDR coalition electorally successful for close to 40 years.

        Now, this is wikipedia, so there is some deliberate deception here. The New Left the DLC was fighting against was the White – and Black and Brown – remnants of the pro-labor, anti-war groups. They did not at all go “back” to the politics of FDR. The DLC was specifically designed to cater to Global Capital. The GOP had its base in industrial corporations – which have a conflict of interest with organized labor. But finance – the banks, the insurance companies, later Silicon Valley – these corporations were never unionized, so the DLC types catered to them to get their corporate contributions, and the Labor unions were never financially sophisticated enough to understand how they were being sold out. It started under Carter – the first anti-labor Democrat – but it reached its peak with Vice President Al Gore – a fanatical, anti-labor, globalist “free trader.”

        Remember Clinton’s first campaign when he attacked “Sista Soulja” and was roundly attacked by the anti-whites because of it? That, plus Clinton’s “good old boy” persona was enough to get just enough white support – and as you say, whites that would have otherwise gone with Bush instead went with Perot. (Funny that George H. W. Bush, the anti-Israel Arabist, lost his re-election largely due to the fact that for the first time in the modern era, a third party candidate was given massive media coverage and even included in the debates – something that never happened to any pro-Israel politician.)

        Back in MWIR, you and I both promoted the idea that it may at least be worth considering whites at least making a showing in the Democratic party’s ethnic warfare. Democrats expect ethnic groups to battle it out. Republicans have *always* been the “color blind” party, all the war back to the War of Northern Aggression.

        For most of America’s history, the Labor Unions were solidly pro-white and against colored labor – from the black slaves of Dixie, to the Chinese coolies of California, to the illegal Mestizo scabs. Famously, even Caesar Chavez used to have his gangs of Mestizo citizens beat up the wetbacks.

        That’s all in the past, though. The only labor unions left are government workers – more and more colored and less and less white – and Obama spelled the end of white working class Democrats. Obama’s white support was strictly the “Progressives” – the DWLs, the SWPLs, etc. I don’t see that changing, even if Hillary wins.

        The GOP is the new White party, whether we like it or not. Not that I will ever vote for a Republican – I’d rather stay home.

        Liked by 1 person

      • clytemnestra57
        November 18, 2014

        @HR who wrote:

        “The GOP is the new White party, whether we like it or not.”

        At present, but I think the real next White party is going to come out of the ranks of the Democrats, not the Republicans. The Republicans aren’t going to exist as a national party if they perform as I expect them to and flunk Obama’s latest shit test.

        I have a theory that there are profound fissures in the Democrat’s rainbow coalition that will ultimately split the party in two. I don’t know which section of the party is going to keep the handle, but I believe it’s going to happen.

        The Republicans spiking the football in the end zone and crowing over their victory don’t understand that as far as the White electorate is concerned, they are technically on probation, because this is their last chance. The White electorate despises the Republicans almost every bit as much as the Obamanation.

        The Republicans need to understand that they were only put into office to STOP OBAMA. If they waffle and weasel out of it and try to compromise again “in a spirit of bipartisanship,” of course, they are THROUGH. They are not only standing on thin ice, but it’s cracking beneath their very feet.

        If the Republicans flunk any of the shit tests Obama is going to administer to them during the next two years, they will cease to exist as a national party by 2024.

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  4. Hipster Racist
    November 17, 2014




  5. icareviews
    November 17, 2014

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Provocative analysis from Hipster Racist on racially charged crime reportage, white voter behavior, and leftist response.


    • icareviews
      November 17, 2014

      Apologies for mis-attribution. Somehow I thought Hipster Racist was the author of this article when I first read it.


      • Hipster Racist
        November 18, 2014

        There’s something weird with this WordPress theme … I added a “featured image” on this article, which sometimes messes up the authorship and won’t show up in the author’s list of articles.

        Cly, you should edit this article – just add a few blank lines or something – so you are the last person that edited it.


    • vikingbitch
      November 23, 2014

      There is no ‘rise’ of the black serial killer, they have ALWAYS been around.


      • weeedwacker
        November 23, 2014

        Still a good book. Documents them back to the 18th century.


  6. Hipster Racist
    November 20, 2014


    I see the two parties as just placeholders, Team A and Team B. They are simply technical organizations consisting of temporarily allied factions. The parties don’t really “stand” for anything in and of themselves. Various factions switch parties every once in a while. The modern South Eastern Republican party is pretty much just the Dixiecrats after switching parties. Out west, the Republican party just represents rural whites and their particular shade of pseudo-libertarianism.

    At the top, the actual legal structure of the parties consists of lawyers and professional politicos, and the funding for the political parties comes from the wealthy classes. There is virtually no difference at that levels, the parties are essentially businesses.

    History happened as it did. The situation today is that the Democratic party is managed by Organized Jewry and consists of a coalition of basically all non-whites in America and some various factions of usually urban whites – academics, feminists, LGBT, the leftover union workers, some corn farmers in Iowa interested in keeping their subsidies, etc.

    The elite of the Republican party is all the non-Jewish rich White people. If the Republican party goes on a long term losing streak they will just have other various factions join. The Republican party itself was formed to fight White Dixie and White Deseret, interestingly. They had a slogan, to fight the “twin pillars of barbarism: slavery and polygamy.” That’s why it is so ironic that the GOP is now the Dixiecrat party and their presidential candidate is a Mormon. That’s how parties change.

    In theory, whites should position ourselves as the Ultimate Swing Voters so both parties have to cater to us.

    It seems to me that, right now, the major issue of importance for White Americans is immigration, legal, illegal, amnesties, etc. Black crime like in “Fergaza” (ROTFLMAO) isn’t new and goes in cycles. Immigration is the clear and present danger that will have long term future consequences.


  7. clytemnestra57
    November 21, 2014

    Well, I believe that the GOP backers have gotten so greedy for cheap Non-White labor that they are going to ultimately destroy the party, because none of the new people being elected will vote for anything but the party that will give them the most GibsmeDat.

    As I suspected, the Republicans are already trying to figure out a way to “go down fighting” Obama’s amnesty shit test. Their money men want that amnesty to stand and they will do nothing but huff and puff and protest loudly. But they have already laid out a laundry list of stuff – stuff that works, like impeachment – that they WON’T do to stop Obama.

    They have also quietly replaced Jeff Sessions (A on immigration law enforcement) with some guy with an F ranking to sit on any committee to “punish” Obama.

    So, even though many of them have fooled themselves into thinking that they can ride the party to a controlled crash landing, the fools don’t realize that plane they are riding is already in a tailspin and a straight nose-dive. If they don’t pull up and hard, it’s terminal velocity time. The Republican’ts will never win national office again.

    To me, that’s great news, because “The Party of Lincoln” has been the Anti-White party from its inception and has always been a bigger threat to Whites than the Democrats even now, at the Democrat worst. I want the Repugnants totally and forever discredited. I want Whites to hear the Pugs dog-whistle and, like Pavlov’s dog, bark “LIAR!” at them. The Repugnant’s expose the fatal tendency of the average Aryan to pay more attention to what people SAY than what they DO especially if the speaker has a White face.

    I think there is going to be a new party a REAL White party, if you will, but if it happens, it won’t be Republicans leading the charge, if I am reading the tea leaves correctly. More on that with a future blog.

    Before that can happen this Faux White Party must be taken down. I just thought that someone as smart as Obama could see that the Republicans with all its Mavericks (appeasers and suck-ups) like McStain and his Gang of 14 and Gang of Eight was a gift that kept giving to Democrats.

    I could just grab Obama by his little jug ears and kiss him for throwing the Immigration Shit Test at them so early out of the box. Go, Barak, go!


  8. vikingbitch
    November 23, 2014

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Hate to be cynical here, but there is nothing atypical about the approach to this case. Money wins out every time and this case is a prime example of that.

    UVA at Charlottesville is a school for the monied and connected. Other girls were getting raped and murdered by this North American Pavement Ape prior to Hannah and nothing happened., but monied UVA gets dirty due to Groid Dysfunction and all hell breaks loose.

    UVA and Charlottesville have a reputation and an image to uphold and White Girls getting raped and murdered near campus does not bring forth dough. It is about money, not Hannah


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