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They Got Back at Him

Target Traficant Michael Collins Piper

America lost one of its few admirable statesmen of the modern period when former Congressman Jim Traficant (D-OH) died on September 27, 2014, after sustaining fatal injuries in a farm accident four days earlier. A telling passage in Target: Traficant: The Outrageous Inside Story of How the Justice Department, the Israeli Lobby and the American Mass Media Conspired to Set Up and Take Down Congressman Jim Traficant (2008), by the patriot solon’s fellow American Free Press contributor Michael Collins Piper, takes on a tragic resonance in view of how the great man would die:

Now – for a moment – ponder what we’re actually discussing here: that is, we have a member of the United States Congress (a member of a very privileged class here in America) helping do chores on his aged father’s farm. You don’t find many members of Congress doing something like that, and this says a lot about Jim Traficant, illustrating that he is not your average member of Congress. Hard labor and Jim Traficant are not strangers.1

Traficant’s hard work was hardly confined to the farm. In Congress from 1985 to 2002, Traficant was a vocal opponent of the FBI, the IRS, globalist trade deals, foreign aid, and government coddling of illegal immigrants. On the latter score, the congressman advocated bringing American troops home from overseas and militarizing the “border” with Mexico. A colorful, charismatic figure with something of the Duke about him, he was known for his brash blue-collar humor, frequently displayed in his signature one-minute speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives. More than a mere eccentric or self-promoter, however, Traficant was thoroughly in earnest when it came to the ravages being wrought on the American standard of life.


“Do I do my hair with a weed whacker? I admit.”2

Though nominally a Democrat, he was nothing if not independent-minded, and never hesitated to chastise the traitors and criminals in his own party. Traficant was particularly outraged by the Democratic Party’s sale of national security secrets to China and held Attorney General Janet Reno in an especial contempt. Years after the Waco massacre, Traficant continued to demand an independent investigation, as he did on September 8, 1999:

Madame Speaker, in 1993, 86 civilians were killed in Waco, Texas. Twenty-four of them were innocent children. Most of them burned to death. Until this day, no one knows the truth about Waco, and the reason is quite clear.

The FBI lied and the Attorney General of the United States lied. They lied and they covered it up. And after all of these lies, no one, nobody, has been held accountable for the massacre at Waco.

Beam me up, Mr. Speaker; an America that turns its back on Waco is an America that turns its back on freedom and justice. An independent investigation is absolutely warranted to solve this cover-up and get to the truth.

I yield back all the lies at the Justice Department.3

Traficant returned to the same topic on May 17, 2000:

Mr. Speaker, who is lying about Waco? Scientist Carl Ghigliotti said the FBI lied, that they did fire automatic weapons into the burning building. But Vector Data Systems of England said the FBI did not lie. Two scientific groups totally disagree.

But something stinks. Vector gets hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from the FBI. Carl Ghigliotti was just found dead. To boot, FBI audio tapes of the burning building are now lost. To boot, FBI autopsy reports confiscated of victims are now missing.

Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. This is not a Justice Department. This is a cover-up. We need an investigation. Congress should pass H.R. 4105 and put some oversight on what is developing into a police state in America.4

“Are you an anti-Semite?”

Congressman Traficant’s forthrightness naturally won him a number of powerful enemies over the years, among them the Israel lobby, the Justice Department, and the whorehouse leadership of the Republican-Democrat duopoly. The Justice Department’s plot to destroy him with trumped-up “racketeering” charges – ably discredited by Michael Collins Piper in the aforementioned Target: Traficant – went into action on Reno’s watch and came to a head under Zionist asset John Ashcroft.

Mark Glenn, in the September 28 episode of his Ugly Truth broadcast, suggested that Traficant’s willingness to wade into the disquieting murk of conspiracy “theories” probably intensified the campaign to defame and expel the maverick – particularly after 9/11. A congressman willing to raise a stink on the floor of the House about Waco and Ruby Ridge, Glenn reasons, might pose an even greater threat to the credibility of the government’s ludicrous 9/11 narrative in the pivotal, dangerous months following the attacks if any inconvenient facts came to Traficant’s attention.

“Israel’s used us like a whore over there.”

Proclaiming his innocence to the bitter end, he refused to accept a plea bargain and served seven years in prison. Following his release, Traficant, far from being bowed and beaten, was more vocal than ever about the crimes of the Zionists controlling the American government – even going so far as to address his suspicions of Israeli involvement in 9/11. He wrote a weekly “Tough Talk” column for American Free Press, frequently having recourse to his catch phrase, “Beam me up!”, whenever he was exasperated. Most recently, Traficant served as spokesman for Project Freedom USA, a campaign to abolish the IRS, divorce the U.S. from the Federal Reserve System, and institute a flat sales tax to replace what Traficant characterized as America’s “communist” income tax.

Jim Traficant’s old-fashioned brand of common sense – positively freakish in a twenty-first century American statesman – was too sensible, ultimately, to be suffered even as a sideshow by the forces of kakistocracy. No words can adequately eulogize a living, breathing, larger-than-life personality like Jim Traficant, but Traficant’s own defiant motto, with which he enjoyed concluding his columns, makes as fitting an epitaph as one can imagine:

“Get back at me!”

RC von C

“I became an enemy of Israel. That, I think, was my downfall.”


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  1. icareviews
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    Reflecting on the demise of the “anti-Semitic” populist lawmaker James Traficant:

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    RIP James Traficant.

    A populist in the best sense of the word: pro-labor, pro-worker, pro-citizen. America’s downfall is largely due to the fact that we don’t make ’em like Traficant anymore. Unbelievably in this era of American politician’s abject prostitution for the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine, Traficant never once bowed to the Israel lobby and their underhanded and dishonest smear tactics. Which, of course, made the bastards at AIPAC just want to get him more.

    But even prison couldn’t break him.

    He died doing real, physical labor on his family’s farm, something that one could scarcely imagine happening to any other Congressman.

    He finally got beamed up. Godspeed, Mr. Traficant.

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    What an amazing man.

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    A true patriot. He will be missed.

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