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Bill Gates insults Americans, saying we are stupid, but even worse, he was lying through his teeth

This smug shit calls Americans stupid and lazy, but it’s not even true!

Another notable aspect of Michael’s visit to my class was that he recalled for us how a Microsoft official had told him privately that the firm has tons of applicants, but that it rejects most of them by applying an automatic computer algorithm, with no human involvement at all. One student was very surprised by this, and seemed to find the news a bit distressing. Actually this is a common practice in the industry, but Michael made the important point that this information is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s testimony to Congress that qualified American applicants just don’t exist in sufficient numbers.

American engineering students get to see first hand how lawyers, liberals, and software tycoons conspire to destroy their job prospects.

But to me the highlight of the class came when my UCD faculty colleague Phil Martin, a prominent researcher on immigration issues, showed the infamous Cohen and Grigsby video, in which a major Pittsburgh law firm showed clients how to avoid the requirement to first seek qualified Americans to fill a position before sponsoring a foreign worker for a green card.

I had had no idea that Phil would show this video, but it certainly had an impact on the students, a number of whose facial expressions seemed to convey that they were profoundly shocked. (Note by the way that the videos filmed by that law firm also showed how employers game the system to circumvent the prevailing wage requirements, which apply to both green cards and H-1B visas, and which are below market wage to begin with,)

We need to take power and nationalize the computer industry and the internet and seize the wealth of these software tycoons. Deport them to India with NOTHING! I have a dream!


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18 comments on “Bill Gates insults Americans, saying we are stupid, but even worse, he was lying through his teeth

  1. clytemnestra57
    October 20, 2014

    Much as I am loathe to do this, I have to defend Bill Gates.

    How many of you even remember the term, “Microsoft Millionaire?” I’m probably dating myself, but I do. Better yet how many of you watched a Clinton-era interview by Barbara Walters with Bill Gates?

    I remember the term, because I was working with a bunch of people who were lining up to apply as line workers at Microsoft. The company offered their own employees lots of stock options and many of them, who had started working on the line, began netting huge returns because Microsoft became so popular.

    I was watching that interview with Barbara Walters and the term, “Microsoft Millionaire” came up and I saw that Bill Gates was literally glowing with pride (as he should be). When all the sudden that unctuous bitch gets in Gates’ face and demands to know what he had given back to “the community?” The poor guy was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say.

    I wish I had been there with them, because I could have pointed out how “Microsoft Millionaires” create a class with lots of expendable income to spend on other businesses, especially if other companies have to raise their wages to compete for good employees with Microsoft. I mean, it was so obvious that only very smart people couldn’t see it. In any case, I watched the whole interview with a sinking feeling that I was witnessing the beginning of the quick end of a very short era.

    Right after Baba Wawa vomited out her Marxist diarrhea, the Clinton administration seized on several lawsuits by Gates’ butthurt software competitors to sue Microsoft for billions of dollars and it looks like Gates was facing serious federal charges which would have netted him serious prison time.

    He shut down several American factories and shipped them overseas and shortly afterward jumped on the Immigrant Working H1B Visa Bandwagon. Of course, The Microsoft Millionaire Phenomenon went away and interestingly enough, so did all those nasty lawsuits and government charges.

    So, I don’t demonize Bill Gates. He tried, he really did, but ran afoul of a bunch of rich, powerful cronies and their federal minions who were determined to squash him like a bug if he didn’t stop, because they don’t want a prosperous American middle class. They want poor, marginalized, desperate people working for them and don’t you forget it.

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    • icareviews
      October 20, 2014

      Does “a bunch of rich, powerful cronies and their federal minions” force the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to throw money at non-whites to help them thrive and out-populate the West?


      • clytemnestra57
        October 21, 2014

        I don’t know about that one, icarereviews:

        Increasing the coverage of family planning services, especially among high-risk adolescent girls, can help significantly reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

        Family planning and women’s reproductive health services in poor areas generally means abortion, abortion, and more abortion. I mean look at the good old USA and you will see that the poorest neighborhoods have the most abortion clinics.

        Hopefully, The Gates Foundation will also eventually work for Women’s Education in Third World Countries, which will even more dramatically reduce the number of third world births, because the more educated a woman is, the less likely she is to have a large brood of children.

        Another way of reducing Third World fecundity is to convince their governments that they can raise the standard of living if they have fewer people competing for limited resources. After all there is more food to distribute between two children than eight.

        While Bill Gates may not be as big a friend to working and middle class Whites, I can’t see him wanting to breed a huge, angry mob of violent Africans and import them to America so that they can storm his gated community when that EBT card stops working.

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    • Hipster Racist
      October 21, 2014

      re: Microsoft millionaires – the first few janitors were given stock options, in the early days. They became millionaires. But it was the equivalent to handing out lottery tickets. Once the company matured, the janitors were hired as contractors and no more “Microsoft millionaires.” It was nothing but a PR gimmick.

      However, the story of Bill Gates and Microsoft is a lot more complex that either “good White genius” vs. “Evil M$ Overlord.”


    • mindweapon
      October 22, 2014


      So you are saying the government “forced” Bill Gates to become a H1B visa fanatic?

      I don’t think the two are related. I remember the 90’s as well. Microsoft crushed software companies by buying them, incorporating them, then getting rid of them. Like the Foxpro database if anyone remembers that.

      The Microsoft Millionaire was by necessity a temporary phenomenon. You have these blooms of wealth, like a field of flowers in bloom, or an algae bloom in the ocean, and then they run their course. New things come and go. Tech caused great increases in productivity and reduced the need for a lot of labor, and there was a lot of money made and great wealth inequality is now a structural phenomenon.

      However, it is a structural phenomenon at the cost of using up the finite oil. It is a structural phenomenon with a hard expiration date, even if that expiration date is well past my own date of death. The plutocrats have seized farming and food production, so that we don’t have a class of millions of gentry (middle class) farmers who are a political nuisance.

      It is most certainly a temporary thing, but while it’s happening it seems like forever. Eventually, the Party is Over, and we go back to a planet of gentry farmers and localist, fascist ideologies. Ideologies that are more in tune with human nature, as much as these ideologies horrify the elites.

      By the way, we wouldn’t need “Microsoft Millionaires” if we had a functioning banking system. You don’t need to be a millionaire, you just need to be able to earn compound interest above the rate of inflation.

      The real economic injustice is that the people who own and control the utility of banking, have broken it to pieces. It is extremely difficult for the ordinary person to earn interest on their money — they have to be good stock pickers or commodities speculators. They can’t just make a savings deposit and know that their money is earning interest above the rate of inflation.

      The Cloward and Piven strategy is here. People can’t earn interest, so they must depend on government. Breaking teh utility of compound interest for ordinary citizens was how they instilled sociallism. They literally broke a somewhat honest market capitalism in order to force socialism and dependence on us. So much industry these days in the USA is a govenrment contract in some form or other. There’s very little private industry left, and that private industry is at most one degree of separation from a government contract.

      That’s why I tell ya, you gotta grow food. That’s one island of private sector production that harks back to pre-NWO-socialism days.

      When the economy breaks, socialism will break and we’ll have to go back to a very primitive capitalism.

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  2. icareviews
    October 20, 2014

    Reblogged this on icareviews and commented:

    Mindweapon takes aim at ethno-traitor entrepreneur Bill Gates.


  3. Hipster Racist
    October 20, 2014

    This actually happened to me once. A recruiter sent me on an “interview” which was nothing but a test (of something I didn’t know anything about) in order for them to say they tried to find a citizen before they hired the foreigner they really wanted.

    To understand Bill Gates, you must understand that he places a high value on raw IQ, famously so. He believes in creating a sort of “master race” of ultra-high IQ individuals, certainly as Microsoft CEO, that was his admitted strategy. Now it’s illegal to give IQ tests as a condition for employment – it’s “racist” since it’s fairly easy to design an IQ test that would filter out 99.9% of Blacks and Browns. So Microsoft came up with proxy IQ tests.

    Because of regression to the mean, however, this is not a way you can breed a new people or a new race. It’s a good way to make a company. However, Microsoft was, in many ways, defeated by a combination of clever Jews (Richard Stallman) and the open sources movement, which I believe was promoted, at least partially, by Jewish media in order to prevent WASPs like Bill Gates from dominating the tech industry.

    You are seeing something similar happening with so-called “tech feminism” – it is not really about getting more women interested in tech at all (there are now, and have always been a huge number of high-IQ women in computing), it’s actually a way to displace White men from these lucrative jobs.

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    • mindweapon
      October 22, 2014

      If Gates represents WASP-dom, then WASP-dom is our enemy. That man has never had a scintilla of racial loyalty or fellow feeling for us.

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  4. clytemnestra57
    October 21, 2014

    Man, HR. I’m not only sorry to hear about how you got pissed on by the H1B visa scam, but also terribly sorry to hear that the whole Microsoft Millionaire thing was just a myth. It was such an inspiring story. I’m sad to have to revise my initial opinion of Bill Gates. Too bad.

    Maybe I overestimated him. To me, the crony capitalists and their FEDGOV minions applying the squeeze to make him stop uplifting the middle class “fit the narrative,” especially after I read an article about how many incentives are put in place to get upper-class Whites to assist in any anti-White activities against lower-class Whites. It only made sense there would also be disincentives put in place against anyone who tried to uplift them.

    Oh, well.


    • Hipster Racist
      October 21, 2014


      It’s a little bit of both. There were “Microsoft Millionaires” in the early days – the janitors were the textbook example of this – but it was not something sustainable. It’s similar to “shareholder democracy” – in theory, it’s one share, one vote – so that is a type of “democracy.” But when you have one guy, or a group of companies, that have 50% + 1 of the stock, mom and pop investors with ten shares are meaningless.

      However, I do think that Microsoft was a target of The Usual Suspects because he was not “one of the tribe” and gained some significant oversized power just due to how technology was changing things. It’s an interesting story. Bill Gates is not a good man, and he is functionally anti-white. One of those smart guys with a fetish for Asians.

      However, in his personal life, he married Melinda French, an uber-white Catholic woman, and she had three children by him. Bill Gates – the hyper genius OverLord – that made grown men piss themselves in his presence – women HATED him. He could hardly *buy* a date.

      So, Melina French sacrificed herself for the good of humanity and married the guy. We all owe her a debt of gratitude, because if not, who knows what could have happened? Bill Gates might have built his own Death Star and enslaved humanity or something. Now? Melinda “teases” him in public and clearly has him wrapped around her finger.

      This it not a joke – Melinda French might have single-handedly saved the human race.

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  5. Sisyphean
    October 21, 2014

    This stuff pisses me off so much. So what do we really want? Do we want innovation? Creativity? New and exciting products and services? Then we ought to be paying well, treating workers with respect and making sure our hiring managers aren’t putting compliance over ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence. This is exactly what the best start ups do and it works pretty darned well. However once something gets big, once it has too many bean counting morons (who may be smarter than avg but not bright, not able to see the forest, only the trees) staring at the numbers looking for ways to ‘cut the fat’ they always, always, turn their eyes to personnel. Rules are added, procedures, processes, and slowly the bright people leave and are replaced by dull clock punchers.

    Size is the real killer for organizations. Large corporations are just as bad as large government agencies, they are bloated bureaucratic bordellos of bullshit. If we really want competition, then I’d suggest we come up with a size limit of some kind.

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    • Hipster Racist
      October 21, 2014

      “bloated bureaucratic bordellos of bullshit.”

      Coffee, meet monitor…


  6. Hipster Racist
    October 21, 2014


    The “Bill Gates” code is probably worth cracking. Kevin MacDonald has often exclaimed his frustration that wealthy Whites – particularly men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet – if they engage in philanthropy at all, seem to always direct it towards helping non-whites if not actively against whites. There was an article recently on one of the White Right sites about a new pro-immigration letter signed by Gates and Buffett, suggesting that Buffett was the brains behind it and Gates went along to suck up to the establishment.

    Certainly a lot of people, especially in the early days of Microsoft, became millionaires. Gates, while a ruthless business competitor, I have no doubt took very good care of his employees. I remember the PR about it – “even Microsoft’s janitors are millionaires!” That was an exaggeration, but certainly based on truth. Very few people would turn down a job at Microsoft.

    Whether Microsoft was a monopoly that used unfair business practices or a victim of a corrupt government in cahoots with jealous competitors just depends on your perspective. One of the ironies of the computer age was that one software job could replace multiple non-tech jobs, so while it did create a new middle/upper middle class, it also displaced a huge amount of traditional jobs. It’s starting to happen in the professions now.

    Both Gates and Buffett were in a sense “outsiders” and I’ve read that Buffett lobbied hard to gain Gates’ friendship, so it’s no surprise they joined their mega-fortunes together. Surely you are correct that Bill Gates isn’t putting billions of dollars into breeding low-IQ third worlders, so there must be something else going on. But Gates and Buffett, at least nominally, are both on board with the “replace White people with foreigners” agenda.

    Why? Who knows.

    When I was in school and the adults wanted us to study harder, they would say, “you want to grow up and be Bill Gates, don’t you?”


  7. mindweapon
    October 22, 2014

    We must have a pro-white billionaire, or at least hundreds of millions-aire.

    I’m surprised one has not yet emerged. He could fund small businesses like gas station/convenience stores and other such things for us, so foreigners don’t own all of them. He could have a tribe of small business owners, his own Merchant Caste, his own Vaishyas, all making money for him, and he’s the top Vaishya. Surely that’s a better scheme than putting the money in stocks!


  8. Hipster Racist
    October 23, 2014

    I don’t want to let the elite like Bill Gates off of the hook, but even if Microsoft resisted H1-Bs and the like, their competition would have forced them to go along anyway. It’s the logic of capitalism and globalism, and you don’t need the Bill Gates types to be evil, simply to put power ahead of “the white community” or “white people” or however you mean. But if Bill Gates’ wasn’t a rich and powerful titan, he’d just be some white guy and we wouldn’t be talking about him.

    Bill Gates, in his personal life, seems to be quite implicitly white. He could have picked up Henry Ford’s torch, one presumes, but maybe that is why he was a target – not that he would have, but just because he could have. Same with Buffett, who is somewhat independent of the Wall Street crowd. But it sure doesn’t look like it.

    It goes back to my favorite subject and the reality of imperialism. The USA Empire does not serve in the interests of traditional British/German/European Americans. It has a global constituency, and the global corporations – our Fortune 500 – are just as much of a part of that Empire as the Pentagon or Blackwater. Is there any doubt that Microsoft and NSA worked together since the beginning against China and Microsoft’s foreign competitors?

    Whitey over-estimated their importance to the Empire when Obama was elected. Whitey thought that Obama was going to be Jesse Jackson III. In reality, the Empire needed a colored face with a Muslim name to be the figurehead of our Middle Eastern wars. Eric Holder is the Tar Baby, the more you fight for government cheese with the blacks, the less the Empire has to deal with you. You’ll vote for whichever white Republican they put on TV next.

    No sense complaining about Bill Gates. How do we get someone like Bill Gates on our side? What is it the average White American can do to align their interests with Bill Gates’?

    As far as White Nationalist Sim City, get educated, infiltrate the global corporations, make lots of money, help other whites, undermine competitors. What else is there?


  9. vikingbitch
    October 26, 2014

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Bill Gates is the embodiment if the Corruption As Business mentality prevalent among many Boomertards. Not all Baby Boomers are like him, but many are corrupt and rotten to the core. They sold out their children’s and grandchildren’s futures in the name of a DieVerse Workforce such that their stock portfolios could grow.

    Bill Gates should be shot.


  10. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    October 26, 2014

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  11. Paladin Justice
    October 26, 2014

    It’s not just tech that goes with foreign workers. Universities are hiring profs from China, India, Iran, etc. en masse even though they often speak broken English which no one can understand. The motivation is “diversity,” although I suspect the foreign profs are easier to control. At my university they actually paid a wage premium to hire foreign profs since those guys never challenge the administrators.


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