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The Best Things in a Nation’s Life: Taking White Nationalism to Market

White nationalists are, by definition and of necessity, people concerned with the various threats to their race’s survival and well-being. It is natural that much of their time will be occupied with identifying and neutralizing the rats in the cellar and hen house so as to promote the health of the homestead; but when this national hygiene focuses solely on infestation, pestilence, rot, and putrefaction, it ceases to be a holistic program of Aryan health. Just as essential are the enjoyment of life and the recognition of why white nationalities, their cultural forms, and majestic homelands deserve preservation. Furthermore, the fostering of life itself, of posterity, is – obviously – essential; and this – again, obviously – cannot be done without women.

Libertarian Realist blogger Brad Trun, who appeared as a guest earlier this year on John Friend’s Realist Report podcast, was asked by a caller, Tom from Connecticut, to comment on the marketing of the racial identitarian message to the masses, and to women in particular. Their interesting exchange, reproduced below, may be instructive for those with hopes of pushing white nationalist ideas into the mainstream consciousness.

* * *

LR: If we’re going to advocate for white interests, I think we have to [. . .] break the mold of the stereotype that people have already been, to a large extent, inoculated against in their schooling, and we have to use [a] different kind of language to reach them.

Tom: Yeah, definitely, that’s another thing, the breakdown of the target audience, you know, the messages have to be tailored to them. I’m wondering, do you think we should be focusing on college-age kids, or where do you think we should be focusing our efforts? It seems like a lot of the older people are pretty much gone.

LR: [laughs] Yeah, um, it’s often the case that after college people are pretty much set in terms of their views, and I’m very much focused on young people and their interests. You know, [. . .] personally, old people, you know, I respect them, and they certainly continue to make valuable contributions to our society, but their interests are focused on retirement, on receiving Social Security and Medicare, and that is not what’s going to save civilization. It’s going to be young people who are of child-bearing age and who are of youthful mind, and willing to [. . .] challenge the prevailing orthodoxy of the day.

Tom: From a psychological perspective, you know, it seems to me that young people of that demographic have an innate sense almost of altruism and, you know, happy feelings and, you know, sprouting daisies and stuff like that. How do you get them to redirect those feelings toward their own group?

LR: Well, that’s a challenge. I mean, first you have to [. . .] break down the barriers that they’ve been indoctrinated with of crossing certain thresholds that are deemed to be socially taboo – talking about racial differences, talking about grounding political values in biology – so I believe that focusing on science is very important. That’s what shifted me away from pure idealistic libertarianism to libertarianism combined with race realism, which is really biological realism. It wasn’t arguments from white nationalists. It was arguments from racial scientists like Phil Rushton and others who swayed me.

Tom: [. . .] But, from listening to you, I kind of have a little bit of a profile on you. You seem to be extremely rational, highly intelligent, someone who’s not easily swayed by an emotional argument. But, if you notice, [. . .] our enemy skillfully uses and exploits the emotional argument to intentionally bypass the rational mind. So [. . .]

LR: Yeah.

Tom: So, I guess what my question is is, [. . .] what would be a good way to craft an emotional message that would resonate among, let’s say, a twenty-something female?

LR: [laughs] Well [. . .] Yeah, I don’t think I’m doing too well in reaching females. I would guess that my audience is about 90% male, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.

Friend: [. . .] Ideally, that would be the target audience to get, is to get young white females involved.

LR: Yeah.

Friend: What if, um, what if we started making t-shirts with, like, “I love white people”, or, you know, “Love white people”, [. . .] with, like, a picture of a beautiful white baby, you know, bright blue eyes. Something like that, that might kind of appeal to women.

LR: Yeah, using positive language like “love” and – yeah, [we] definitely need to appeal to people on an emotional level, but I think that, um, focusing on things like “white pride” can be counterproductive because that will just turn people off because they’ve already been programmed to reject that kind of appeal.

* * *

Caricatures of scheming and rat-faced Jews will, of course, always have a place of honor and an audience inside the movement; but white nationalism, if it is to succeed, must be about more than what it is not; it must find ways of defining itself positively as well as exclusively, both somberly and with humor, particularly if it intends to win women’s hearts and adherence. Beyond even this largely pragmatic concern, men have a spiritual longing for beauty and for affirmation of the order and soil that make their fight worthwhile. Rats on the brain all the time, after all, are apt to begin nibbling on its matter.

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11 comments on “The Best Things in a Nation’s Life: Taking White Nationalism to Market

  1. icareviews
    October 14, 2014

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    Latest guerrilla action via Aryan Skynet


  2. Hipster Racist
    October 14, 2014

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  3. Sisyphean
    October 14, 2014

    Well, you wouldn’t want to say: “White babies are beautiful” But you could definitely say: “It’s Ok to have blue eyes”, “I love my blue eyes.” Or “Blue Eyes are beautiful” or “Snow white was gorgeous and so am I”.

    Off topic aside here: One of the things that I think under pins the current hipster movement toward all things retro is a desire to re-connect with an idealized past. Fairy tales do that for Europeans, they evoke romantic notions of castles, strong men and fair maidens… which is why hollywood has worked overtime to ‘re-imagine’ all the old school fairy tales into more ‘modern’ versions which means weak silly males, scary strong women and more minorities than you can shake a stick at. As a young boy I wanted to BE prince charming, there’s no way I’d want to be the good male character in frozen, he’s a dweeb… Now the villain guy… He reminds me of myself: driven, not afraid to try to take what he wants. All the things that made Old school Prince charming cool and someone boys would want to be, now make the new prince evil. I think a solid strike back at this BS is past due.

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    • icareviews
      October 14, 2014

      I have a liberal friend at work who has a strong emotional attachment to the 90s and that decade’s Quentin Tarantino fetishism, grunge culture, and hipster lounge and swing revivalism – and, of course, the optimistic “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” promise of that decade which was dashed to pieces by George W. Bush and the evil Republicons. Anyway, this guy is a total Obamabot and refuses to hear a disparaging word about his beloved congoid-in-chief; but, even so, it’s clear to me that my friend is a bit of a closet racist. He’s plainly uncomfortable around blacks and in one unguarded moment even used the word “Morlocks” to refer to them. It’s also become apparent to me that his affections for 50s-60s camp and lounge and exotica culture are little more than a stifled desire, which he of course keeps carefully hidden from himself, to live in a totally Caucasian world. He refuses to acknowledge that the Mexican invasion is anything but a humanitarian crisis of which Obama is totally innocent – nothing racial happening here, just move along – but, when it comes to how he spends his private hours, he likes to get as far as hell away from the blacks and browns as possible, even if it’s only in his own imagination.


    • Hipster Racist
      October 15, 2014


      One of the things that I think under pins the current hipster movement toward all things retro is a desire to re-connect with an idealized past

      In the 1980s and 1990s, popular culture, especially pop music, became very influenced by black culture. (The Jacksons, Prince, rap/hip-hop, etc.) As that was happening, “alternative” music and youth culture appeared, and while no one ever mentioned it, it was obvious that this “alternative scene” was ultra-white. I would guess that “hipster” culture is essentially the same thing.

      (I would admit that I’m not really a hipster – a bit too old – but if I deny it, that makes me one. So … it’s complicated.)


  4. vikingbitch
    October 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Okay, I hope I do not offend here, but I may so oh well.
    We need to get some older WN women who don’t have children to talk about how there has been a deliberate campaign to brainwash young white women from having kids. As Hipster Racist pointed out to me last week ‘life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to did it VB’ Well whose life has if you are White and in the Former USA?

    I make a point of telling young White Mothers positive, supportive things when I see them out. I tell them openly that I wish I started having kids sooner. I tell young white men and women cashiers, clerks, etc to have children or more children. I tell young white women to get off the birth control because it makes them infertile.

    Also, if you see a White Mom out there, say something nice to her about being a mom. Of course young White Women don’t want kids because they have been lambasted all over the Manosphere etc. After reading that stuff, who the hell would want to have White Children? We as Whites In America must stop being critical of things and start being constructive. Pointing out each others flaws and arguing on the Internet does nothing but cause negativity and frankly, criticizing Whites is Jew Think.

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    • icareviews
      October 14, 2014

      I’m not a manosphere guy, really, and don’t pride myself on my machismo, although I would consider myself a fellow traveler with respect to a lot of their ideas and I do listen to Matt Forney’s podcast occasionally. Pick-up culture is gross, but the manosphere’s fundamental insight that many of western civilization’s woes are due to the feminization of men and the masculinization of women is essentially accurate in my opinion. One reason women don’t want to have children is that they’ve been taught to act like men. They’re told that their career and their sexual enjoyment are more important than the perpetuation of their race.


      • vikingbitch
        October 15, 2014



    • Hipster Racist
      October 15, 2014


      There has been a real and apparent trend towards discouraging motherhood for young white women (specifically them.) Just look at how women who have lots of children are insulted, like Mrs. Duggar, or the “Octomom.” I mean, the nickname alone is meant to be insulting. Or, the slogan “your vagina is not a clown car” – really, how disrespectful of mothers is that?

      Take the fact that working class whites, especially working class white men, have been cut off at the knees economically, thus making it difficult for them to support a family, and it’s a perfect demographic disaster.

      We can’t just out-breed non-whites – it will never happen and we probably don’t want it anyway. But unless we have replacement level fertility, the race will die a slow death.

      Look, sure, I’m a troll and I love pulling the girl’s pigtails and making them cry. But at the end of the day you’ll never hear me slagging on white mothers.

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  5. clytemnestra57
    October 16, 2014

    I have been close friends with a working class girl from Portland, Maine for several years. She has always had quite the mouth on her. When she was single, she’d tell a prospective swain, “No glove, no love!” She told one guy she found repulsive that she wouldn’t screw him in her worst enemy’s body on her worst day on the rag.

    In any case, she finally settled down with a working class guy and started popping out babies left and right. How they could afford eight kids, I’ll never know. But they did it. And people did comment. She had two pat statements depending on whoever had anything uncomplimentary to say.

    To the women, “I’ve been knocked up as often as you, I just didn’t ,kill my babies.”

    She used to delight in zinging out the loony leftists, saying they were pro-choice as long as women chose to abort. She called them out as anti-birthers.

    Every time, I read the latest hysteria by the libtard-conservatard paradigm over someone making a faux pas and blurting out an inconvenient truth, I’m reminded of my BFF whose motto is:

    “Fuck you, if you can’t take a joke!”

    Blue collar women rock!


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