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Ry Dawson vs. Libertarian Realist – Can You Dig It?

Libertarians are a motley lot. They come as minarchists, anarcho-capitalists, papists, Jonestowners, left-libertarian cultural Marxists, and paleolibertarian fogeys. Two of this writer’s favorite minor internet celebrities are Brad Trun, better known as the Libertarian Realist, and Ry Dawson, host of the Anti-Neocons Report. Two distinct species of libertarian commentator, Trun and Dawson are both remarkably bright young men, well-read, witty, and thoughtful beyond their years. Each, too, is in his own way a dupe.

Ry DawsonRy Dawson

Brad Trun, aka Libertarian Realist

Sadly, most varieties of libertarians, drunk with the Kool-Aid of postracialism, pretend that the freedoms they espouse are universally applicable in the world and in no way dependent upon ethnic segregation or racial integrity. Trun has done much to address this breach with his popular “Demographic Decline” travelogues and elucidations of the unavoidable implications of human biodiversity. Even Trun, however, has his limitations.

While quick to rightly slaughter the negro worship of the establishment, Trun is more reticent with regard to the Jews. His brilliant “Open Letter to a Person of Privilege” is one instance of welcome exception; but, while acknowledging the existence of an Israel lobby in America, Trun dismisses outright the “conspiracy theories” about Jewish false flag terror attacks and resists any association with those identifying as national socialists.

Worse, Trun berates David Duke as a “cultural Muslim” for daring to sympathize with the Palestinians dispossessed and massacred at American taxpayer expense. He appears not to have considered that his own dismissive and dehumanizing flippancy toward the Palestinians, along with his uncharacteristically uncritical endorsement of the Bin Laden mythology, make him something of a cultural neocon – and, to that extent, an enemy of his own race.

Far at the other end of the spectrum, Ry Dawson is virtually peerless in his consistent exposure of Zionist intrigue. His documentary War by Deception complements Mike Delaney’s crudely made but informative Missing Links in fingering Israel as the principal culprit and beneficiary on 9/11. If anything, Dawson’s devotion to the subject of Zionist influence is almost single-mindedly obsessive and precludes his devoting more of his time to other problems warranting his attention. To his credit, he has devoted more than one of his programs to debunking the “Holocaust”.

Where Dawson principally disappoints is in failing to recognize the Jewish problem as racial in nature – or any problem as racial in nature, for that matter. The idiosyncratic Dawson, as any follower of his videos will be painfully aware, is nothing if not an anti-racist, and delights in sporting an ugly hoodie, appropriating leftist demagoguery, and tossing the tiresome “racist” smear at opponents. One can only wince in revulsion at hearing this promising young man wasting his talent and insulting his audience’s intelligence by saying things like, “Fuck those cops” in discussing the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

Dawson’s partial Native American derivation and ethnic resentment over the treatment of his ancestors accounts in part for his stubborn refusal to see the light on race and the fundamental reality of the Jewish (not merely Zionist) Question. Dawson is otherwise an attractive and likable personality, and one could make the argument that his social justice shtick functions as a valuable buffer, allowing Dawson to serve as an anti-Zionist ambassador to the Obamabots and the left-libertarians who would shudder to give the time of day to a self-proclaimed white nationalist.

This writer lacks such subtlety, alas, and looks, rather, toward the awakening anguish and coming battles in the open – which brings matters back to the issue at hand. Libertarian yin and yang, Dawson and Trun would seem perfectly suited to wrestle each other into the light – or, alternately, into the darkness. What is being proposed here is a debate – or, more accurately, two debates – between these two formidable YouTube titans. Specifically, would it not be rewarding to watch Dawson trounce Trun on the responsibility for the 9/11 attacks – and then to see Trun demolish Dawson on the genetic inheritance of racial propensities to crime?

Internet debates have a hit-and-miss history in terms of entertainment value. Earlier this year, conspiracy peddler Jim Fetzer and American Free Press contributor Michael Collins Piper collided in a highly anticipated debate on the Sandy Hook affair, which in the event turned out to be an embarrassing bore and degenerated into a petty cat fight. But one would expect more from Dawson and Trun. As Trun’s series of videos refuting Skeptical Heretic and other ideological opponents demonstrate, the Libertarian Realist is perfectly capable of maintaining his devastating cool in the context of confrontation and personal critique. Likewise, Dawson’s “To the Woodshed” series shows him, if not as calculated as Trun, at least an engaging, spirited, and idealistic scrapper.

Sound like fun? Let Trun and Dawson know that the mutual challenge has hereby been issued.

RC von C


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10 comments on “Ry Dawson vs. Libertarian Realist – Can You Dig It?

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    October 7, 2014

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  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    October 7, 2014

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  3. Hipster Racist
    October 7, 2014

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    I gave up ideology altogether – what’s the point? Why do you need some ideology to tell you what to do? Be it conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, socialism, whatever – who needs it? All you need is a) truth and b) pragmatism.

    Also, Fetzer is a known disinfo artist whose sole purpose seems to be to attempt to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement.

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  4. icareviews
    October 7, 2014

    Libertarian Realist has retweeted the challenge:

    Let Dawson know people want this debate:


    • icareviews
      October 8, 2014

      We already have an offer to host the debate(s):


      • icareviews
        October 8, 2014

        So far Dawson has refused even to acknowledge the debate challenge. I’m sure that couldn’t be because he’s afraid LR will make a fool of him . . .


      • Hipster Racist
        October 9, 2014

        Well, Ry Dawson at least goes after Zionist power, and I believe he’s a 9/11 Truther, so I’ll give him that. Yes, I would say it’s probably good to have “not racist” liberal types attacking Jew power. It’s like the Overton window and gives us cover from hostile fire.

        I would guess everyone knows that 9/11 Truth is pretty much my signature issues, and it’s personal with me. So I’m willing to give any truther a wide latitude on a number of issues.

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