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White Nationalism 2.0 has caught on nation wide; The Revolution Is not Being Televised

I speak by telephone with several old friends all over the country, and find the conversations very encouraging.

First, a group of former National Alliance men in a city out West joined a local Catholic church of all things!  Not because they are believers, but because it gives them a chance to get together once a week IRL (in real life), and because their local parish is very white.  So they are maintaining social cohesion.  There is something really great about having a big group of friends — like an extended family.  White Americans are really missing this.

As I’ve said many times, modern society has put White nationalists in the situation that homosexual men were in 100 years ago.  We are outcasts of society, we are the hate that dare not speak it’s name LOL. Actually, calling it the love that dare not speak it’s name — love for our race, is more accurate.

That picture above most accurately depicts what we are truly about.

Second, White nationalists around the country have become focused on entrepreneurialism and making money and becoming financially independent. It wasn’t just the Mindweapons that got this idea — it was a case of the hundredth monkey. People who definitely did not read MWIR or never heard of us got the idea of going into business. They aren’t into taking over the convenience stores, but rather innovating businesses. And they have some good ideas out there, though I think it’s not necessary to always reinvent the wheel when instead you could be rolling over the 711’s like Genghis Khan.

In India, the merchants caste are the Vaishyas.

Hindu religious texts assigned Vaishyas to traditional roles in agriculture and cattle-rearing but over time they came to be landowners, traders and money-lenders.[1] The Vaishyas, along with members of the Brahmin and Kshatriya varnas, claim dvija status (“twice born”, a second or spiritual birth) after sacrament of initiation as in Hindu theology.[2] Indian traders were widely credited for the spread of Indian culture to regions as far as southeast Asia.[3]

Historically, Vaishyas have been involved in roles other than their traditional pastoralism, trade and commerce. According to Ram Sharan Sharma, a historian, the Gupta Empire was a Vaishya dynasty that “may have appeared as a reaction against oppressive rulers”.[4]

Twice born? Appeared as a reaction against oppressive rulers? Do you get the feeling we’ve been on this ride before? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Going back, again, and again.

So White nationalism 2.0 is the re-emergence of a Vaishya caste among Mindweaponized White Americans (and hopefully Europeans, though social democracy tends to strangle economic ambition by giving more free time and rein to idealism). I fear the European nationalists rely too much on idealism and voting, and don’t pay enough attention to who owns the local Quickie Mart and liquor store and pub and takeaway. No matter — we can spread it to Europe once we get it going here.

If you are totally broke but are charismatic, go into sales. If you are good at sales, employers such as car dealerships don’t google you, or even if they did, they’d just say, “Keep your politics to yourself.” Car dealerships will employ convicted felons if they are good at sales. I know a sales manager at a car dealer and he told me they re-hired a guy who stole 6000 cash from them — after he got out of jail for grand larceny, of course. They put him in jail, then welcomed him back when he got out! Another guy stole from them twice, and they fired him for good. So a second offense gets you fired, even if you are a really really good salesman, LOL. DUI, domestic violence, drunken assault and battery/resisting arrest? But boy he can really move those Chevys!

There’s lots of stuff on the internet about how do close sales:

here’s a good book on sales:

Good car salesmen can make 6 figures. A Quickie Mart can be had for 200k to 300k, and you need 20% downpayment and a business plan. So you need 40 to 60k cash, so if the lender has to foreclose, he’s got equity to take the business back in addition to the business itself.

So you make lots of money selling, but live real cheap and save your money. I recommend putting it in precious metals so you don’t lose your money-value to constant inflation and because precious metals are not in a bank and are thus not subject to “bail-ins” (confiscation of customer deposits by banks).

The Small Business Development Council will help you decide if a business is viable or not, help you with a business plan, and help you get a loan. You will deal with non-Whites and Jews in your rise to Vaishya caste, and you will get along swimmingly with all of them. You will never lose your temper with any one, or speak harsh words. Even if you think someone is ripping you off or screwing you over, you will always maintain a friendly state, and instead of getting angry, you ask the person who you think is doing you wrong, to do something for you to make it right. In a very nice way. And if you don’t get it, you drive on and never do business with that person again, or if a gov’t worker, you just be real careful with him/her.

When we are Vaishyas we will be able to organize political lobbies to get what we want, and there won’t be a dog gone thing anyone will be able to do against us short of killing us or throwing us in prison. Because we will be law abiding, peaceful, and nice to every one, this will be a difficult case for the government to make to itself.

This is how we win, people. Namaste!


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.

18 comments on “White Nationalism 2.0 has caught on nation wide; The Revolution Is not Being Televised

  1. eurybates
    September 6, 2014

    We have some syncronicity going on here MW! The other day I went to the beginning MWIR blog archives and was reading about, “The Muqadimmah” by Ibn Khaldun.

    The thing that struck me was that we will never know what people believe or what people in the past believed. What is important to a group is knowing that the individuals that comprise the group are capable of maintaining the ‘storyline’. Our people probably practiced our own form of ‘taqqiyah’ for centuries within the church. Going to church is a good place to network and practice religious dissimulation.

    Scientific literature that was written hundreds of years ago is interesting in that they presented new opinions in a certain way as to persuade the fathers of the church that what they were asserting was not blasphemous. (Francesco Redi is a good example of someone who brought about a change in specific scientific beliefs without upsetting the official narrative.)

    Speaking with someone the other day I said that plants that are not exposed to wind are weak. We are those plants that are growing strong with adversity . . . . .


    • mindweapon
      September 6, 2014

      Speaking with someone the other day I said that plants that are not exposed to wind are weak. We are those plants that are growing strong with adversity .



  2. Hipster Racist
    September 7, 2014

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist.


  3. Hipster Racist
    September 7, 2014

    Back in the day our startup had two CEOs, one actually ran everything and the other just raised money. He did presentations for venture capitalists, and then took 20% of the money he raised for the company. The guy could sell snow to Eskimos, as the saying goes.

    Oh wait, sorry “Eskimo” is no longer politically correct. I meant Inuit, of course.


    • mindweapon
      September 7, 2014

      Wow, interesting! He kept 20%! That’s a lot!

      Sales looks like it can be our entry out of poverty and into Vaishya-hood. Sales is considered low status — that’s good for us! People who go into lucrative but low status work are like carp or catfish — bottom feeders, but bottom feeders get very big!


  4. clytemnestra57
    September 7, 2014

    I was heartened to see this post of yours, MW.

    I was even happier to read that some of your former associates in the National Alliance have joined a church, the Catholic Church of all things, even if they don’t believe in its doctrines.

    The Catholic Church has gotten a bad rap, because it supports “compassion” to “undocumented” Latino “immigrants.” In that, they are no different than any of the other mainstream churches like Lutheran Social Services, but I think Americans are more suspicious of the Catholic Church because they assume most Latinos are Catholics. They don’t know how many inroads Protestant and Evangelical missionaries have made in Latin America.

    Yes, you can make the argument that supporting open borders does hurt Whites, but I counter that with the proposition that the CC is a sycophant that toes the line with whatever government is in power. Remember that the CC was established by the Roman emperor, Constantine who installed himself as the first pope. Erego, the CC preaches open borders because FEDGOV tacitly supports open borders by not enforcing immigration laws and prosecuting any state or business that tries to. If there was a Pro-White, Law and Order Regime in charge of the District of Corruption tomorrow, the CC would be changing its tune and preaching to its brown parishioners on the importance of being good neighbors and respecting the sovereignty of nearby countries.

    It was once said that “Sunday morning remains the most segregated hours of Christian America.” That remains true even with the Catholic Church. Where I lived, we had two Catholic Churches within two blocks of each other. However, one catered primarily to English-speaking majority White parishioners and the other catered primarily to Spanish-speaking majority Mestizo parishioners.

    Of course, this is nothing new, the Catholic Church had parishes that held mass and preached the gospel to the tongue of each of the old White ethnic enclaves that used to populate the Northeast. So there were Polish parishes, Italian parishes, Portuguese parishes, etc. ad infinitum.

    The goal of the Catholic Church is to fill its pews with butts and its coffers with money. In any case, there are very few African-American Catholics. Since the Mestizos have not, cannot and will not learn English, the Catholic Church is one church that remains segregated despite its universal image. It is this universal image that would give any White activists great ass cover. Pro-Whites could network without fear of being disrupted by OPP and other Antifa rabble.

    Hipster Racist talks about a “Mannerbund” for WNs. Well, there is already a sort of “Mannerbund” in the Roman Catholic Church called The Knights of Columbus. It originally served as a mutual benefit society to poor Catholic immigrants. It grew into a fraternal society defending Catholicism, promoting Catholic education and providing charitable services. It is reserved for Catholic men over the age of eighteen.

    The Daughters of Isabella is the women’s auxiliary of The Knights of Columbus. Because the women work in tandem with, but separately from the men, there is much less likelihood of any efforts disintegrating into a counterproductive Battle of the Sexes power struggle like we see erupt on WN boards now and then of which I was an admittedly cheerful participator.

    The Catholic Church was and remains miles ahead of the Protestant Denominations where establishing credit unions are concerned. The CC encouraged the creation of CUs to keep its poor parishioners from resorting to loan sharks. America’s first CU opened in 1909. They were established in 15 states by 1925. The CUs did not need bailouts during the Great Depression, they did not need federal intervention during the S&L Debacle, and they did not need TARP in 2009. They do not rely on the overstressed FDIC for depositor insurance.

    WNs with financial acumen could join and get on the boards of credit unions to help MW realize his dreams of Whites owning convenience stores, hotels and other small businesses and fund other Pro-White ventures. IOW, WNs who join and get active in the Catholic Church would already find a structure in place that Golden Dawn in Greece has had to construct from scratch.


    • mindweapon
      September 7, 2014

      WNs with financial acumen could join and get on the boards of credit unions to help MW realize his dreams of Whites owning convenience stores, hotels and other small businesses and fund other Pro-White ventures. IOW, WNs who join and get active in the Catholic Church would already find a structure in place that Golden Dawn in Greece has had to construct from scratch.

      Great info as always, Cly! You just added to my plans!


      • clytemnestra57
        September 7, 2014

        Thanks, MW. I could never understand why the Jews remain so hostile to the CC considering that it eradicated its own Knights Templar so that they could take over all usury to its parishioners, the Conversos thoroughly infiltrated it in great numbers, tampered with the doctrines, and used their considerable influence to change the CC into the nauseatingly Philosemitic outfit it is today. Pope Francis isn’t exactly what one would call John Hagee in Drag, but he comes damned close.

        But it looks like some Good Shepherds managed to survive martyrdom and slip by the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing ravaging the flock, because even though they did not actively push these race-preserving measures to White European Christians, they discreetly left the tools in place for any Christians wise enough to use them!

        The Roman Catholic Church originally became the indigenous, unifying religion of Europe through syncretism. The idea behind syncretism is that the Missionary on the Ground had orders from headquarters to convert the heathens or slay them. Most of these missionaries did not have the stomach for it, so they turned a blind eye on any traditions that did not directly contradict Church liturgy. Many even incorporated local Pagan traditions into local Catholicism.

        For example, even though it was denounced as heresy, there was already a school of thought in place that theorized Jesus Christ was the son of a totally different type of God than that who terrorized people during the Old Testament, i.e. Marcionism and the RCC ignored the Old Testament in favor of the New Testament. Had the RCC remained the sole European religion, it is highly likely that it would have been more influenced by European Pagan traditions as it went along.

        But then, Martin Luther, John Calvin et al marched in and insisted on starting the process of sticking the Judeo onto Christianity and we are stuck with the Judeo-Christianity mutant we all have on our hands now.

        I could see the CC being a unifying force across Europe for the disparate ethnic nationalists there; if you think about it, they could use this structure to create their own shadow commonwealth inside the onerous Soviet-style EU without breaking the law. The credit unions could be their way of quietly and legally preventing any of their own banks from engaging in the Cypress-style antics they did in Greece; i.e. giving themselves a “bail-in” by confiscating depositors’ funds.

        The only problem I foresee with ethno-nationalists is that Aryan transparency streak that would prohibit those from Protestant or Orthodox countries from joining the CC for fear of looking like traitors even if their own religions don’t provide the structure that they need.

        Remember that Vlad “The Impaler” Dracula went from a hero to a zero with his own people, even though he had ably defended them from the Turks, when he was forced by circumstances to convert to Roman Catholicism That’s a major reason why Greek nationalists had to create Golden Dawn and face an uphill battle every inch of the way to put in a similar structure; the Greek Orthodox Church must not have anything like that.

        I don’t see any Eastern Orthodox Catholic Nationalists “crossing over” to avail themselves of Roman Catholic services, but in view of how neutered the Church of England and its Anglican counterpart, not to mention many mainstream Protestant Denominations have become, I am somewhat more optimistic that ethno-nationalists from those backgrounds could be more flexible to serve the greater cause of racial self-preservation.

        Here’s hoping that you have ties to these guys, MW and can open their eyes to the help that is available to them right under their very noses.


      • mindweapon
        September 7, 2014

        The religious based credit unions is a friggin’ awesome idea, Cly! I don’t know the guys out West, it’s just that I’m plugged into a pretty big WN grapevine going way back.


  5. clytemnestra57
    September 7, 2014

    I could not edit my original response to clean up my post. But I wanted to say that despite its universalist image, unlike other globalist entities, the Roman Catholic Church does not discriminate against or have a particularly hostile agenda against Whites. Yeah, they went along with miscegenation for Spain and Portugal (thanks to their own ignorance at the time) and now for political ass cover. But they never pushed it and do not now.

    That’s not to say the RCC shepherds don’t fleece the flock. I just think they show greater restraint in how far they go than other shepherds. IOW, they fleece the flock, they don’t skin them. Contrary to anti-papist sentiments, the RCC doesn’t particularly want desperately poor parishioners. They would prefer rich parishioners; they just want a cut. The whole RCC school system was designed to help poor Catholic immigrants get rich and successful.

    Remember that the goal is to fill their pews with butts and their coffers with money. The more money, the better. In fact, the RCC has great respect and reverence for money. That’s why they have always allowed the children of rich Protestants and Jews into the RCC school system. Did you know that both of the daughters of Steve Winn (wealthy Jewish casino owner) were the homecoming queens at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas? That’s how much the RCC reverences money!

    So, if you think about it, the RCC is the perfect conduit to implement the MW strategies laid out in the other blog. WN could practice taquiyaah by converting to Catholicism and becoming parishioners. They could access the superior education, they can join credit unions and run them by volunteering to get on their boards, directing more Pro-White projects, etc. The possibilities are endless.


    • mindweapon
      September 7, 2014

      So, if you think about it, the RCC is the perfect conduit to implement the MW strategies laid out in the other blog. WN could practice taquiyaah by converting to Catholicism and becoming parishioners. They could access the superior education, they can join credit unions and run them by volunteering to get on their boards, directing more Pro-White projects, etc. The possibilities are endless.

      You got a very good point there, Cly. Heck, I could see doing membership in multiple churches — RCC and Russian Orthodox, as well as the K of C and put our women in the Isabella Society.


  6. Erin
    September 9, 2014

    Regarding sales–also look into internet marketing. It has made a lot of millionaires.


  7. Mike
    September 14, 2014

    Off topic , but, maybe not, as it ties into how we communicate with each other. Could be a big dent in free speech, to small businesses using the net, and bloggers in general. Does anyone know anything about the “Net Neutrality” issue? MW, I think you are a tech guy. Any thoughts?


    • mindweapon
      September 14, 2014

      Could slow down our video. We’ll still be able to post text to each other.


      • Mike
        September 14, 2014

        I think it’s worse than just slower videos. Just about everybody is against it:

        I really don’t quite grasp how the Internet works, but have an impression that any blocks to information flow are like stones in a river. Routers interpret a block as “damage” and go right around it.

        On the other hand, the US goobermint;s ability to fuck up just about anything is without peer.

        I’m simply trying to find out “what’s the truth here?” What’s really going on?


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