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Annoying Buzzwords

“No worries.”

Look (and sound) familiar?

The jobs are gone, the country’s bankrupt, the money is worthless, and the whole world hates us.

“No worries.”

It would be annoying if it weren’t so disconcerting. Because there is a LOT to worry about.

It’s like the whole country is resolutely squeezing its eyes shut, plugging both ears and saying, “lalalalalala” to drown out the sound of any dissonance.

“The (Fill In The Blank) Community”

I have formed this thesis from the hodge podge of definitions for community on the internet. A community is a group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties, share race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, and common perspectives, and geographical location who engage in joint action to pursue their own interests.

I get so sick and tired of turning on the news and hearing the newscaster talk about “The African-American Community, The Hispanic Community, The Asian Community …” There is one word that is NEVER used to fill in the blank – WHITE!

In Ferguson, we have any number of camera hogs showboating in front of news media cameras to speak to, of about and for The African-American or Black Community there.

There is NO one representing Ferguson’s WHITE community nor have the sorry excuses who pass for news “journalists” these days expressed any interest in even interviewing a spokesman for the White Community.

Where is that “honest conversation about race” that the left so desperately craves and endlessly demands? Can’t have one if ALL sides don’t weigh in. But no one is asking Ferguson’s WHITE community for THEIR opinion as to what is behind Fergusons’ problems.

Hell, the news media can’t even acknowledge that Ferguson HAS a White Community. Nope. Ferguson has its Black Community and oh yes, White Skin Privilege. Can’t forget about that. But no White Community that is worthy of notice by the news media.

Moreover, as the hatchet job done on Mindweapon’s family has proved, DWLs will go through to every effort imaginable to shut down even the mildest White opinion out there … especially if it gets in the way of the narrative they want to tell.  Who speaks for the White Community? It doesn’t matter, if they couldn’t pointedly ignore him, they’d shut him down or take him out some other way.


That’s fine. Those idiots are so busy with their “no worries, ” their squeezing their eyes shut real tight and plugging their ears tightly and loudly babbling “lalalalala” for all they’re worth to shut out the growing dissonance that their wake up call will be all the harsher on their ears.

They aren’t watching the growing annoyance on the face of the silent, sullen Whites watching their newscast. The way every White in the room’s lip curls in derision and rolls their eyes every time some DWL gets up there and prattles about “White Skin Privilege” to suck up to the People of Color on these news shows.

I am seeing it and I am not the only one. I have seen Blacks look at the faces of all the Whites watching the antics of The African American Community in Ferguson and look very uncomfortable before they leave the room. The unspoken tension is that ugly and so thick you can cut it with the knife

Little do they know that they themselves are in no immediate danger of a lynching. But those libtards prattling about White Skin Privilege and demanding yet another “conversation about race” might have a very good reason to feel alarmed.

If they had the sense God gave a gnat, the media would be actively seeking out and trying to negotiate with a spokesman, ANY spokesman for the long-suffering, silently stewing White community. Before it is too late.

But, in the meantime, “no worries.” Lalalalalalala.



3 comments on “Annoying Buzzwords

  1. mindweapon
    August 25, 2014

    This is what Aryan Skynet becoming self aware looks like.

    $234,910 of 234.9k
    Raised by 5,901 people in 7 days 40 dollar average donation.

    $142,584 of 250k
    Raised by 3,175 people in 4 days 47 dollar average donation

    Total so far — $377,494.00 raised by 9,076 people to support Officer Wilson. There was a single 5,000 dollar donation, and 4 1,000 dollar donations.

    And there’s no end in sight. No economic boom coming over the horizon to put people back in their complacency. And if there is an economic boom, you better believe the financially savvy Identitarians (my new term, replacing WN) out there are going to ride that wave up, and then sell off, take profits, and go short when we sense the bubble is about to pop. that’s the great thing about a bubble — ride it up investing long, then sell it short at the top and get a fun and profitable ride down while the fools who think “this will last my whole lifetime” lose their shirts.

    By the way, I’m learning something. A lot of small businessmen I see out there are short term thinking assholes who despise their employees and disregard their customers. They just want short term profits for their McMansions and fancy cars and fancy vacations — they just want to suck out as much short term money as possible for their “lifestyle” which is why they went into business. Small business often but not always self selects for short term minded sociopaths who run one business into the ground and then do it again and again and again. If you could see the antics of some of these (not all) Asian gas station owners, you’d be shocked. Borrowing against their business to fancy up their house, blowing off property taxes totally, then fighting very self righteously when the marshal delivers a summons and complaint for unpaid town taxes! Oh, and he hires local women whose job description includes running the cash register AND providing sexual services for the owner.Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that! TSM — Total Sociopath Move there dude. And would you ever catch him sponsoring a Little League? Hell no!

    People with long term thinking and idealism often go into teaching, or go do some minimalist job so that they can pursue their idealism in their free time. But they should go into small business because an idealist who is not money hungry actually makes a better business owner. He takes care of his employees, his employees in turn take care of the customers, and the customers take care of the profits. that’s Richard Branson’s philosophy for his Virgin Airlines company, and it works. In American business, it’s the exact opposite – profits, then customers, then employees — employees are considered disposable and customers a necessary evil.

    An idealist business owner actually uses some of the profits to fix the infrastructure of the business for the long term and shares some of the profits with the employees in the form of Christmas bonuses and higher wages and such. Costco does this — the average wage of a Costco employee is 17 an hour and they all get health benefits, paid vacation, et cetera. It’s called the “Golden Handcuffs” employment strategy. Their employees NEVER LEAVE, so every one of them becomes an expert at being a Costco employee, and they become like a big family or tribe with the fellow employees. Thus Costco stores run very efficiently — much better than Sams or BJ’s.

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  2. Hipster Racist
    August 27, 2014

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  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    October 7, 2014

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