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Latino Power on C-Span

The White Tea Room

I’m watching a replay of a forum on C Span, called “Latino Political Power”. The forum was held in San Diego, CA, on June 26th, 2014. The forum’s purpose was to discuss the rising power of Brown People. The participants involved various Latino activists, comprising an alleged cross-section of assorted Brown People , talking about the rising influence of Brown People, in once-White America. They are supposedly “Conservatives” and “Liberals”. They are all Brown People.

There’s a fellow named Daniel Garza. He is the Executive Director of an outfit is called Libre Initiative. He’s good looking. Maybe 40-ish. His features are very “White”, only slightly ..Brownish….He’s a “Conservative”.  He was some type of appointee to the White House, at some point. There’s another “Whitish” Brown man called Cristobal Alex. Well dressed, and he speaks with a very Middle American accent. His speech is less “Latino” accented than Garza’s. Except…

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