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Aryan Skynet Has Become Self-Aware

Aryan Skynet Is Dead – Long Live Aryan Skynet!

MW will be invited to moderate, as will Cly, and anyone else MW suggests. My blog is not really a WN blog, and HIA is not really a serious political blog, so I’m creating this blog to be as close to the original idea of MindWeaponsInRagnarok as possible.

I’m aiming to make this as much a collective effort as possible – if you were a regular and valued contributor to MindWeaponsInRagnarok, please post here. You will be given posting privileges to write your own blogs and the like. I’ll make sure to re-blog from everyone’s personal blogs as well.

If you have a blog, please link it in this thread and I’ll add it to the official blogroll.

Aryan Skynet has become self-aware, I forgot who pulled the switch.



15 comments on “Aryan Skynet Has Become Self-Aware

  1. Hipster Racist
    August 13, 2014

    Reblogged this on Hipster Racist and commented:

    Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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  2. mindweapon
    August 13, 2014

    THanks for doing this, Hipster. Anna lost the election, so I may start blogging again soon. I’m real sorry to have done this to all my readers. It’s such bullshit that I had to stop my samizdat writing. At least I didn’t have to take the blog down. There’s tons of stuff in the archives to read over.

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    • Richard Follette
      August 13, 2014

      Can you prove direct correlation to Anna losing the election, to activities related to outside influences?

      Yes, write your Book.

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  3. Richard Follette
    August 13, 2014

    Never be ‘sorry’ for speaking the Truth.

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  4. Mike
    August 13, 2014

    “if you were a regular and valued contributor to MindWeaponsInRagnarok, please post here.”

    Well, I was only a semi-regular contributor at best, and heck if I know if I was considered a valued contributor, but I did like the content very much. so here I am. I feel guilty and kind of cowardly that I can’t do more, except post some support type things, but I have a critical issue in my life that I must stay focused on – or I’m fucked! I am not on the blogs, or the Internet in general these days, because of my focus.

    “I’m real sorry to have done this to all my readers.”

    Did what, MW? You didn’t do anything. You were minding your own business when the big useless black blob at OPP, or whoever, decided to “out” you. I’ve known these types my whole life. Always peering at, and criticizing other people, while somehow ignoring the gigantic hot mess of their own lives. And their own lives are always the biggest mess. I hate ’em.

    It must suck to be them. Ever on the lookout to catch Proctor Goody with the Devil, I guess:


    • Hipster Racist
      August 13, 2014


      Since your public gravatar says Hoosier1476, I assumed you were Matt Parrott. Whatever happened to him anyway? He posted on Counter Currents for a while but then disappeared. Anyway, close enough, so please comment here. Hell if you want, start writing posts here.


  5. Mike
    August 13, 2014

    I live in Indiana, hence the name “Hoosier1476.” I prefer Mike, so usually use it I think Matt Parrott moved to Michigan some time back for employment reasons.

    I’m wondering how they ever found out about Rob’s wife. I mean, probate judge in a small town in Connecticut is hardly a national election. My guess is some busybody, probably a middle aged female in Rob’s town, who got wind of something and contacted OPP. The type who lives on Jezebel and Huffpo, and probably has a pair of high powered binoculars to spy on the neighbors.

    She had a henpecked hubby who begrudgingly mouths the same thing, just to get some relief and stop her nagging, if only temporarily. She burns up the phone lines with her like minded friends. Her kids hate her.

    That’s my guess.


    • Hipster Racist
      August 14, 2014

      OPP (a one man anti-fa cut-out fronted by some nutjob Black Panther type called Leroy Jenkins) actually went to the court records and posted their marriage license. MW said they have been hounding him for a decade, so likely he’s on some list and they periodically check him out.

      It’s pretty damn sleazy. But that’s the beauty of anti-fa. They recruit a bunch of losers and heroin addicts, so go ahead and “out” them, they have nothing to lose. So some YKW pays these losers some retainer. I did notice that OPP links to Searchlight magazine, which is an official branch of the Communist Party in England (like, literally the official Communist party.)

      What we should fight against is that the mainstream press pretends that these fanatical extremists like OPP are “watchdog groups” as if they are taken seriously by anyone but the nutjob left. I mean, sure, the $PLC has billions of dollars, but OPP are a couple of punk rocker types and Leroy Jenkins. Did you see the anti-fas that protested at the AmRen conference? It looked like they recruited some homeless drug addicts off of the streets of San Francisco and gave them cardboard signs.

      If you had a serious debate between MW and Leroy Jenkins or any of the other anti-fas, MW would mop the floor with them.

      I would say that MW’s “crime” – what makes him a target – is the association with the National Alliance a decade ago. If they outed me, for instance, the worst they would get is some internet trolling and maybe some sex tapes online – nothing that I wouldn’t survive. Hell, the 9/11 Truth thing is probably more controversial than the “racism” really.

      And if they published my sex tapes – hell, I’d put it on my OK Cupid profile and use it to pick up chicks 🙂


  6. mindweapon
    August 14, 2014

    The men who have families with children, are the men who would do radical politics to fight for the future of their children. However, these men are more vulnerable, because the junk media liberals attack thier families and scare our wives and incite local yokels to harass thier children.

    For single men, these issues are often not even on the radar. But a single man is in a much better position to do radical politics. If I was a bachelor who didn’t need much money, had some savings, a small rental somewhere, and a secure income, I could do anything. My family is my vulnerability.

    I am fighting for my extended family, so they attack my nuclear family. This is exactly why we need to become wealthy and networked up. When this happens to one of our own, the network provides for that family. The street commies were provided for by the rich commies back in the day. But our side is less focused on making money and accumulating wealth. We need to be.

    One multi-millionaire could make us a lot more resilient. And he’d be buying stock in OTC:YT, a pink sheeted stock valued at 0.00001 cents at the moment, but with potential for explosvie growth.

    I’m still dreaming of the convenience stores owned by the homeschooling families, with language nannies for the kids aged 0-6, and specialized, individualized martial arts training and gymnastics training and dance and music aged 5 and above, as well as regular old book learning and math and science.

    Our homeschooling kids will stand above the crowd, and go to elite schools, and befriend the children of the elites, and infiltrate the elites in general, and push things in a better direction.

    By the way, a new theme I have that I may or may not have posted. If we are going to get a Thousand Year Reich, in the event we actually win, we should be easy on those who didn’t win, wherever they end up. We don’t want to create enemies like us. Of course if we have a Malthusian die off the point is moot, but, as Cly referred to, if a man beats another man in a bar fight, the winner buys the loser a drink. That’s how we gotta be, if we win.

    That said, we’ll also have to use good Counterintelligence and Border Patrol to maintain our future regime.


    • Cthulhu
      August 28, 2014

      “Our homeschooling kids will stand above the crowd, and go to elite schools, and befriend the children of the elites, and infiltrate the elites in general, and push things in a better direction.”

      I’ve got my 8 year old home-schooled lethal weapon doing Parkour, learning Russian, and reading Sun Tzu (and have a couple more towheads coming up behind him).

      In a decade or so the world won’t know what hit it.

      I credit Rob for highlighting the importance of home schooling.

      BTW, if anyone has homeschool tips/links/pointers I always appreciate them and will add my own.


  7. Erin
    August 14, 2014

    Thanks for starting the new blog Hip. Should be fun.


  8. clytemnestra57
    August 16, 2014

    Thank you, Hipster Racist, for picking up the torch. I saw your post challenging me to open my own blog (and I may yet do so). However (and this is a 180 from the woman I used to be), I honestly think this movement MUST be led by the men and the women must work with the men as administrative support, so to speak.

    The rootless generation of “Lost Boys” that have grown up since Heffism, feminism, Anti-White government policies begs for HR’s idea of a “Mannerbund” run by seasoned White elders who have “been there, done that” and still emerged intact. A major problem is that we already have a Nanny State run by “Big Sis” if the rumors about Valerie Jarrett actually running the country while Obama golfs are true. We don’t need any in WN 2.0.

    Rob’s generous comment about WN winners buying DWL losers a beer should we win is another great example of why the men must lead this movement. All they would get from women like me is a hearty helping of “I told you so.”

    Rob, I’m sorry to hear that Anna lost the election, but I feel even sorrier for those people of her district who supported her only to discover that the vast majority of the people who live there are cowardly amoebas who can’t even generate enough of a spine to put in a vote FOR what is supposed to be their constitutional right to freedom of association by what is an anonymous ballot.

    For all those idiots who voted against Anna just to prove how they aren’t racist, they deserve everything that is coming to them: low-income housing teeming with violent Non-Whites courtesy of HUD, an entire village of displaced Central American “children” overwhelming their schools and social services, polar-bear hunts, knock-out king, and endless harassment if either they or any member of their family speaks out against it. They get no sympathy from me; they made their beds, let them lie in it.

    Rob, I have a suggestion for your book and even your blog, should you ultimately decide to go back to it. This is inspired by something I have noticed with lawyers. Most lawyers hate surprises. They want their clients to tell them everything that could ruin their case, so they have the necessary wiggle room to spin the information. If you ever watch a crime drama, a good defense attorney makes sure to beat the prosecutors in airing anything questionable about his client to the jury.

    Would you please provide some autobiography? In particular, would you consider writing about your involvement and experiences with WN 1.0 and what you took from WN 1.0 when you left that aspect of the movement to work on WN 2.0. What disillusioned you, but why wasn’t that disillusionment enough to make you renounce WN entirely like some of the former WNs doing the apology and grovel tours now, etc.


  9. guest
    June 26, 2016

    And for anyone who wants to read the mindweaponsinragnarok backlog, start here:

    That’s right, 300 glorious pages of posts. just change that number in the URL by hand down to 299, 298… it’s better to do such reading from the beginning, at least in my humble opinion.


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